• Best Cruelty Free Powder Beauty Products

Best Cruelty Free Powder Beauty Products

Happy Beauty Top Tens Tuesday! Today I'm sharing my top ten cruelty free powder beauty products. Powder foundation was probably my first makeup love and I'm always drawn to powder products over liquids. If I'm in a hurry, it's a powder product I generally reach for because I feel like they're more fool proof. Of [...]

  • NARS Christopher Kane Collection

NARS Christopher Kane Collection

NARS recently launched the Christopher Kane Collection for Summer 2015. Called the NEONEUTRAL, it pairs Kane's edgy design aesthetic with NARS iconic beauty. About the NEONEUTRAL Collection It's the first fashion collaboration to feature a full line of Eyeshadows, Blushes, Illuminating Multiples, and Lip Glosses. Eyes are enhanced with iridescent rose gold, pink lilac, and [...]

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  • Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Tutorial

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Tutorial

Hi! I made another Cover FX Custom Cover Drops tutorial to share with you. I'm showing it mixed with even more products. You can also check out my first DIY your foundation, too. I use Custom Cover Drops N10. I haven't retouched these photos, so you can see all the flaws in my skin. I also apparently had [...]

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  • NARS Instagram Giveaway

NARS Instagram Giveaway

I know many of you love Instagram (while some of you loathe it), so I wanted to let you know that if you love Instagram and you love NARS, I've partnered with some friends to bring you a NARS Instagram Giveaway. So if you want to enter, you can find out more here. The Instagram Giveaway ends [...]

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  • Best New Eyeshadows for Spring 2015

10 Cruelty Free Eyeshadows for Spring

Happy Top Ten Tuesday! Today I'm sharing 10 cruelty free eyeshadows for Spring. I've got some bold picks as well as some soft beauties, too. I'm happy that Spring is here! All of the eyeshadows are swatched on Cover FX Anti-Age Smoothing Eye Primer. I always swatch on primer because I have oily, hooded lids [...]

  • 10 Best Cruelty Free Red Beauty Products - Phyrra.net

10 Best Red Beauty Products

Happy Top Ten Tuesday! For this Beauty Top Ten I'm sharing my 10 best red beauty products. All are cruelty free and many are vegan. I stuck to eyeshadows and lip products, skipping nail polish since I rarely wear red nail polish. Row 1 = Silk Naturals Red Hot - Fyrinnae Vixen - Jeffree [...]

  • How to Wear Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadows

How to Wear Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadows

Happy Tuesday! Today I've got a tutorial for you on how to wear Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadows. This also works for other glittery shades, duochrome shades, and shades that you want to intensify the color so that you can enjoy them. This will prevent and minimize fall out and creasing. If you like this video [...]