Meow’s Friday the 13th Collection

In addition to Meow's Halloween Dance Of Death Collection, they've also released a Friday the 13th collection!Skeptic - bright periwinkle with copper and pink iridescent color changing fire Trepidation - metallic cinnamon hued copper with golden caramel highlights and pink glow Unlucky - blue green or is it green blue?  simply put, its both and [...]

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Meow’s 2009 Halloween Collection is here!

Meow's 2009 Halloween collection is here!Eye ShadowsHorrorDead of NightDirt Nap - rich - dare we say it? earthy (dirt!) brown with black undertones sparking with bronze iridescence and metallic shimmerEerie - bright purple with blue iridecence and blue sparkleWarlock - like witch and necromancer, this is pure black shadow LOADED with gorgeous blue sparkle and [...]

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Meow Egyptian Treasures Collection Round Up

I've rounded up all of my posts on the Meow Egyptian Treasures Collection in one convenient post, so that in case you missed something, you can easily find it.Meow Egyptian Treasures Tutorials:Egyptian/Cleopatra Look Nile & Anubis Blue LookCoppery Look/Blending TutorialMeow Egyptian Treasures Swatches & Video:Egyptian Treasures Swatches VideoMeow Egyptian Treasures Looks:Heiroglyph & Obelisk (golden green)Egyptian [...]

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Meow Egyptian Treasures Nile & Anubis Video

I did a video on how I did my Nile look from Meow's Egyptian collection. I used a different primer than I normally do, to make it have a lighter and hopefully more sophistocated look. By the way, Meow's Lost Rainforest collection retires tomorrow. If you haven't picked it up yet, you need to go [...]

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Meow Egyptian Treasures

This look turned out so well it stunned me! Treasure is gorgeous! It's described as molten gold, and it certainly is! Jackal turned out to be really pretty and it coordinates so well with Bast. Of all of the Egyptian blushes, Isis is my favorite.I highly recommend picking up a full size of Chameleon before [...]

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Sneak Peek of Meow’s New Halloween Collection

Meow Cosmetics has given us a sneak peek of their upcoming Halloween 2009 collection! Pictures are all copyright of Meow Cosmetics, not mine.The colors that I'm most interested in are:Asylum, Eerie, Warlock, Necromancer, Spellbinding, and Dead of Night.Warlock and Necromancer make me think a bit of MAC's Mineralize eye shadows in Young Punk and Blue [...]

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Meow Egyptian Treasures Collection Swatches!

I received my Meow haul today, which included my Egyptian Treasures collection samples. Forgive me if I look or sound a bit off in the video, I have a nasty cold.I received some samples, some new brushes and my skinny dipper in medium sphynx.Eye Shadow Descriptions:Royal - metallic magenta with bright plum and mauve sheenTutankhamun [...]

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