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Beauty Blogger Meetup at Spa Touch LLC

This past Saturday we had an intimate Beauty Blogger meetup with Brittany (Clumps of Mascara), Nidia (Beauty Lit from Within), Su (Nail Veils) and Cat (Beauty by Cat) at Spa Touch LLC (Facebook, Instagram). We discussed social media and the changes with Facebook, makeup products like setting powders, and Nidia and I were treated to [...]

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  • coral_orchid_closed

Orchid Series – Coral Orchid

Orchids are my favorite flowers. I’m starting an Orchid Series and to kick off the series I’m beginning with Coral Orchids. From what I can tell they’re called Vanda Orchids. Orchids have such diversity! That’s why I thought they’d make a great series. […]

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  • fyrinnae_damn_paladins_taup

Makeup Wars – Battle of the Taupes

I know some of you love taupes! All the Taupes! I’m in a new group called Makeup Wars and for our inaugural war, we’re doing a Battle of the Taupes! I raided my makeup collection for some of the colors that I thought fell into the category of taupe. I am not an expert on taupes, mind you, but I have come to appreciate them. Wikipedia defines taupe as a dark brownish-grey color, however, people frequently disagree on what taupe means. Taupe has a lot of variation, including rosy taupe, sandy taupe, pale taupe, taupe grey, golden taupe, silvered taupe, plum taupe… you get the idea. The variants go on and on. My taupe of choice for this war is Fyrinnae Damn Paladins. It’s described as a soft satiny taupe with a gentle blue highlight. […]

  • sophisto_look

Sophisticated Smoky Eye Look

I did a step by step picture tutorial today! See how to get this Sophisticated Smoky Eye Look at FutureDerm. I wanted to share the look with you. I used grey as the primary color for this look because I feel it works really well with my eye color. […]

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  • mac_nyx_blacklabel

Nyx Black Label Hot Pink vs. MAC Candy Yum-Yum – Dupes?

I’ve said before that I felt like Nyx Black Label Lipstick in Hot Pink was a very close dupe for MAC Candy Yum-Yum. I wanted to show you the two colors side by side today with pictures taken from my new camera. To me, the colors are very close. The finish is different, as Candy Yum-Yum is matte and Hot Pink is more of a creamy, shiny finish. Hot Pink looks like it is a hair darker in certain lighting. But to me, they’re very, very close. […]

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  • wnw_pink_prods

Wet n’ Wild Pink Lipsticks

I looked high and low at the Walgreens and Ulta surrounding my home, trying to find the new Wet n’ Wild lipsticks. I couldn’t find any, so I finally gave up and ordered them from ebay. The three colors I chose were Don’t Blink Pink, Pinkerbell and Dollhouse Pink. […]

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  • troll_repellant_totally_tubular_far_out

Morgana Cryptoria Troll Repellant, Far Out and Totally Tubular

Not too long ago I received some awesome lipsticks from Morgana Cryptoria. I’d purchased them during one of her sales events. As you know, Morgana Cryptoria lipsticks are a holy grail product for me. The new colors that I picked up were: Troll Repellant, Far Out, and Totally Tubular. From L to R – Troll Repellant, Totally Tubular, Far Out. […]

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