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Independent Spotlight – Silk Naturals

August’s Independent Spotlight is with Karen from Silk Naturals! How long have you loved makeup? Eons- my first real memory of makeup was my second grade teacher’s frosted blue eye shadow. It was soooo glamorous by 1980’s standards. From there I was hooked, and never really looked back. Butterfly Blue is sort of a kicked-up version of Miss Denson’s awesome blue eye shadow. I love that color. I’m a born lippie ho. I remember getting flavored balms at the local department store before I started school. The Village Lip Lickers in the rectangular tins were my absolute favorite, but a Bonnie Bell would do too. […]

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Independent Spotlight – One Hand Washes the Other

Please note: I no longer support or will buy from One Hand Washes the Other due to actions from the owner. I do not condone or support bullying or harassment. July’s Independent Spotlight is a real treat! It’s with none other than Becca of One Hand Washes the Other. How did you come to the decision to open your One Hand Washes the Other? I was laid off from my job and decided to make my jewelry-making hobby into a source of income. My experience at my previous employer was less than awesome and I honestly didn’t really want to get right back into another situation like that, though I did try for awhile to find a new job. I’d been making jewelry on the side for awhile while I was still gainfully employed, but then work got so busy that I didn’t have the energy for it at the end of the day anymore. I picked it up again, started selling it once again on Etsy, and was hanging out in their chat and forums a lot, when I saw that people, individual people, actually made and sold handmade bath and body products there- up till then, I had no idea you could do that! I knew you could buy pre-made stuff and sell it, and had seen that done, but I didn’t know that people were making things from scratch and selling them- it was eye-opening. It sounds stupid now, not knowing something like this, but oh well. I decided to finally stop thinking about making B&B products, and actually start doing it. Why not? These other people were doing it, and if I could come up with something that was actually good, I might be able to sell it, and maybe I wouldn’t have to find a job. It was definitely worth a shot! I’d read up on how to go about making cold process soap, after trying some we’d bought at the Big E (a country fair for all of New England, and then some), but had decided it was too dangerous to try making it with the kids running around- again, this was back when I was still working. By the time I got laid off, though, they were in school full-time and I had plenty of time to start safely experimenting. I decided to start off with glycerin soaps, then worked my way up to rebatching pre-made cold process soap before tackling sodium hydroxide. This whole process started in earnest about two and a half years ago now, and in that time I’ve learned how to make and formulate all sorts of goodies, soapy and non. And yes, I do still make jewelry when the urge strikes. […]

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Independent Spotlight – Lost in Makeupland

June’s Independent Spotlight is with Belén from Lost in Makeupland. How long have you loved makeup? I think I’ve loved it all my life, which is fun because there wasn’t any make up at my house since my mother has never used any makeup. When I was 6 or 7 I liked to play with my cousins mixing up their mother’s makeup with creams, or apply it to ourselves, I loved drawing girls on paper and give them color with pencils and LOOOOVED using markers on dolls to change their makeup. When I was 12 I started to tightline my eyes with blue or black pencil and at 14 I used mascara and a bit of powder. It was experimenting really, but I loved it, and at 18 it was when I started to be more serious about it and to learn what looked good and not and leeeeearn, which I just love. […]

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Independent Spotlight – Geek Chic Cosmetics

May’s Independent Spotlight is with Chantal, Deb and Phil of Geek Chic Cosmetics. This interview is different than any I’ve done before, since I interviewed all three of the geniuses behind GCC! […]

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April Beauty Blogs Backstage with RetroUrbanRainbow

For April’s Beauty Blogs Backstage I’ve been paired up with the vivacious Rachael of RetroUrbanRainbow. You can read her interview with me here! 1. How did you come up with your blog name? Personally I feel that “rainbows” are a big part of my life, so I knew that I wanted that infused with my name. Then one day “retro” and “urban” popped in my head and voila…I ended up with RetroUrbanRainbow […]

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Independent Spotlight – Venomous Cosmetics

This month’s Independent Spotlight is with the vivacious Tracy of Venomous Cosmetics. Be warned, there are pictures of spiders behind the cut! How long have you loved makeup? Ever since I can remember! I guess it’s kinda strange because I come from a family of tomboys. […]

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Questions & Answers with the Hair Design Institute

You all had great questions for the Manhattan Beauty School, the Hair Design Institute. One of their instructors was very kind and took the time to answer all the questions that I received. Here’s the questions & and answers. Please let me know your thoughts! 1. What do you think about products like One n’ Only Color Fix? (this is a favorite of mine as I’ve used it to remove permanent and semi-permanent dyes from my hair successfully). I have not used this product, but I am interested in trying it. I have used Rusk/Elimin8 and acheived fair removal of direct dyes. In several instances where various students have used color removers (recommended by Sally’s associates) I have observed severe damage to the hair and serious irritation to the scalp. Since both color removers and lighteners will distress the hair fiber in the process, the main consideration would be to determine how much (layered deposits)of what (oxidative dyes, direct dyes, box color, permamarker) can be removed without sacrificing the integrity of the hair structure and deciding the best way of going about achieving the desired final color result. […]

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