• James Vincent

An Interview with James Vincent

Before my wonderful evening with James Vincent, Orlando Santiago and the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida, I was given the opportunity to interview James. me with James […]

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  • JerrodBlandino_960

An Interview with Jerrod Blandino

Happy Friday everyone! Today I’ve got a much anticipated interview with Jerrod Blandino from Too Faced. As you know, I won the August 2012 Too Faced Beauty Blogger of the Month award, and one of the perks was being able to interview Jerrod Blandino. I am very excited to share this interview with you! […]

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  • Amy Braden

An Interview with Amy Braden from Tru Fragrance

Today I have an interview for you with Amy Braden from the company Tru Fragrance! […]

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  • cult_artsy_purple

Independent Spotlight – An Interview with Maria of Cult Nails

My newest Independent Spotlight is with the lovely Maria of Cult Nails. I just got to see Maria again this past weekend at the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers Meetup in Orlando. She attended the event as a blogger and a sponsor! […]

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  • concrete

Independent Spotlight – Concrete Minerals

This month’s Indie Spotlight is with the enchanting Emily from Concrete Minerals! How long have you loved makeup? Since I was a child! I have this amazing cousin who would babysit me when I was about 3 or 4 years-old. She was (and continues to be, I might add) the coolest girl on the planet! A model — awesome 80’s hair and everything — working at KNAC radio at the time, I distinctly remember this compact she gave me that I cherished so much. I think I’ve traced the beginnings of my love of makeup to that moment. […]

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  • rockeresque

Independent Spotlight: Rockeresque Beauty

I’ve got a bit of an unusual Independent Spotlight for you for October. It’s with Rockeresque Beauty Company owner, Issanna. How long have you loved makeup? Always! When I was a little I was always such a girly girl- I played Pretty Pretty Princess and had my Barbie Vanity in my bedroom surrounded with My Little Ponies (some of those same My Little Ponies can be spotted in the Rockeresque office now!) I remember my parents got me my first ever makeup kit when I was twelve, but the packaging the kit came in was labeled to be for girls 13 and up. They told me I was so grown up I could have the makeup a whole year early, so I was ecstatic! Then in high school I had Gwen Stefani and Shirley Manson as role models and practiced my cat eyeliner and bright red lips. Makeup has always been a huge part of my life because of how much joy I get from using it. […]

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  • detri

Independent Spotlight: Detrivore Cosmetics

This Month’s Independent Spotlight is with Distorria and Detrivore Cosmetics! Detrivores are creatures who eat detritus which is decomposing rotting organic matter. Detrivores are also known as detritivores. Animals like millipedes, flies, beetles, crustaceans, and polychaete worms are considered detrivores. How long have you loved makeup? I became interested in makeup in my late teens. I was a tomboy as a kid, much more interested in plants and animals than beauty or fashion. I didn’t get into makeup until I was interested in goth culture. Then I just saw it as a fun way to modify my appearance. I enjoy dramatically changing the way I look frequently. I had different ideals about beauty at a young age. I loved the villains in films more than the heros as a child and wanted to imitate them. They had the cool makeup and clothes. I found out about goth culture around sixteen years old and starting dressing in black then. Goth culture allowed me to feel pretty for the first time. I bought my first eyeliner and smeared it on and fell in love. […]

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