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My New Years Eve 2010/Day 2011 Look

This is what I wore for New Years. I stayed in at a friend’s house with friends and loved ones, rather than go out. It was a fantastic party. My liner was a little wonky, but whatever. Happy 2011 everyone :) We didn’t get home until after 4am, so I definitely had fun and am a bit tired. I used Sugarpill (affiliate link), of course. […]

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Faerie Peacock

Today I put together a beautiful reader request of Faerie Glamour & Bustle. It turned into a gorgeous peacock look. I’d probably do a few things different, but not much, if I tried this again. It’s visually stunning in person. I started this look out differently than normal. While I’ll often use a white or skintone type shade on the crease and browbone to make it easier to blend colors, after I did that, I did sort of a swish ~ type of shape with Knight Divine. I wanted to have a slightly darker base color to blend Faerie Glamour and Bustle onto in the crease. I love the results. As far as Feline goes, it lasts on my upper lash line no problem. It does smudge a bit on my lower lash line, even with primer. HOWEVER, this is why I don’t put mascara on my lower lash line, because it smears there, too. I really like Feline on my upper lash line. I haven’t tried it on my waterline yet. NC15/NW20 is a bit darker/yellower than I expected, but if I blend it out with a brush, I like the results. Apparently, it can be used for a matte highlight anywhere on the face, too. […]

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Giving Back

I wanted to talk a little about giving back. Some indie companies do this and I really respect them for it. Fyrinnae and BftE Cosmetics are two of the companies that I know that give back in some form. BftE Cosmetics gives back at the community level. BftE donates to their local library, to the dog [...]

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My Christmas Eve Look

For Christmas Eve, I went to a party at my friend’s house with a bunch of my friends. I made lots of red velvet chocolate chip cookies. I played in my eye shadows, a LOT, for this look. Like, I used a million different shadows, all layered, to try and add extra dimension and depth in ways I don’t normally do. Unfortunately, the camera fell flat at actually picking up all the awesomeness. The following image is the only one that comes close to capturing the depth and shadows that were at play. […]

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Purple & Gold

I’ve wrapped presents like this before… with purple wrapping paper and gold ribbon. That’s what inspired this look. You can check out my other holiday looks:   Green & Silver, a Golden Look, a Burgundy & Bronzey-Gold, and a Blood & Gold. Whta can I say, I had to use Sugarpill (affiliate link) again. […]

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Sugared Rose

This look turned out exactly the way I had envisioned it in my head. This one wasn’t quite right, though it was interesting. This one was the best of my previous attempts. This one was ok. This was basically me practicing a more neutral look with a matte crease and browbone, and a bit of shimmer on the lid. I think it’s flattering and it will work for when I need a more ‘office chic’ type look. […]

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Wintery Blue look with Glamour Doll Eyes

I put together this look in a different way than I normally do my looks. I applied eye shadow primer as normal. However, I next applied Glamour Doll Eyes Chicago to the upper half of my eyelid, leaving a gap next to my lash line, and applied it to my crease. I then applied MAC Vellum on the browbone and blended downward. Widely along my upper lash line, I applied Fyrinnae La Noche. I used Avon’s gel pencil in Steel along the lower lash line and then carefully applied La Noche on top of that as well. I used GDE New York City to blend out the upper crease area where Chicago and Vellum met. Finally I put some Vellum at the inner corners of my eye. […]

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