Independent Spotlight: An Exclusive With Whimsy Beading

July’s Independent Spotlight is with Etsy gems, Kelly & Joey of Whimsy Beading. […]

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Maylee’s Garden – Natural Vegan Soap & Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent – A Review

I recently purchased some all natural eco friendly laundry detergent from Maylee’s Garden on Etsy. […]

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Inspired Teal Look

So this look was entirely inspired by my Favorite Shades - Aquas/Teals post. I'll definitely be doing more of those!Shade Descriptions:Looking Glass - Soft, nearly matte sky shade, leaning towards turquoise rather than pure blue. Slight satin finish. Javan Rhino - vibrant turquoise with a lavender-pink highlightDigital Faerie - Stunning sky blue with green shimmerSleepy [...]

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Lovely Custom Orders from Whimsy Beading

Around the beginning of March, I received a lovely gift from Kelly of Whimsy Beading. This spurred me to place two custom orders with her. I'm very glad that I did this.I ordered a birthstone style necklace, with all of my household's birthstones on it, and I also ordered a custom style similar to this [...]

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Etsy Gem: Purse Organizer from Cutegoodness

So I was poking around on etsy Tuesday night and I found this at a store called Cutegoodness: (Image belongs to Cutegoodness) Since I'd started carrying larger purses to accommodate my Kindle2, I noticed that they lacked a lot of extra pockets and dividers, unlike some of my smaller purses. When I saw this awesome [...]

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Monday Mail

Recently I purchased a lovely Gothic Turquoise Feather Choker from Blix and it came in the mail today! She also sent me some shadow samples as a part of a shadow exchange that we did.I had to try it on immediately! Excuse my tired skin and bare lips.Wearing it upside down.I think this will be [...]

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Silk Naturals Lunar Poly Look

I wanted to wear Silk Naturals Poly, because I was craving a blue today. So I grabbed Lunar, a vegan shade that I've not used before. I also applied colors a bit differently than normal, since I wanted to try out a new technique.Eyes:Too Faced Shadow InsuranceFyrinnae Pixie Epoxy - in creaseSilk Naturals Poly - [...]

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