• max_sprawl

Rainbow Zebra Pug Max

Since I thoroughly admonished Dave for Max lacking a collar or harness, he asked me to get Max a new one. Being me, I hit etsy looking for a cute harness. Max has put on weight since we first took him in. He was at 20 lbs and now, 2 years later, he’s at 27. We’ve had to cut back on his food to try and help him lose weight because that’s far too much weight gain for a little dog. Anyway, I saw this rainbow zebra harness and I knew it was perfect for him. No one will ever mistake him for a stray dog again. […]

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  • orange

Abstract Pink Orange Black Purse from Etsy

When I was looking for spring handbags on Etsy, I came across this awesome pink orange and black abstract retro style purse from AllyBu. It was on sale for $19 and $5 shipping. I just absolutely loved it so I had to have it and I’m happy I did! I always seem so drawn to pink and orange for spring! […]

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  • train_tiny

Pahlish Train Underwater

I purchased this polish called Train Underwater, by Pahlish from Etsy. In short, it’s awesome. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do to my tips after I painted my toes earlier. I started with 1 coat of Milani White on the Spot polish, on top of Cult Nails Get it on Base Coat. Then I added 2 coats of Illamasqua Poke (though I could have gotten away with just 1 coat of Poke, and probably skipped White on the Spot). I then grabbed Train Underwater to play with. I was going to do a tape mani, but I grabbed the wrong tape and so some of the tape tore and stayed on my nails (the tape tips) when I went to remove the tape, so I just ended up layering Train Underwater on top. […]

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  • octopus

Octopus Stew – Review

Before DragonCon, I ordered from Octopus Stew because I fell in love with a pretty one of a kind Octopus, Seraphina. I’d been looking at the lovely octopus earrings for months but knew I wouldn’t wear the studs, so held off until I saw something I would wear. I kept an eye on the store, and more recently I saw adorable heart and bone hair clips, which  I finally snagged, too. […]

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  • supernova_designs

Supernova Designs – A Review

Recently I came across Supernova Designs on Etsy. I was looking for cute little clips for my hair. Whenever my hair is shorter, I’m compelled to put some sort of clip or barrette on the right side to keep the wispies at bay. […]

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  • noadi

Noadi’s Art on Etsy

Recently an ad was posted on my blog that I just had to click on! It was for Noadi’s Art. I saw this amazing Deep Space Octopus and my jaw dropped. I’m a Lovecraft fan, and I thought this was a beautiful representation of an octopus. Additionally, I find cephalopods fascinating because of their intelligence and how sociable they are. They’re escape artists when they’re in tanks. […]

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Rainbow Darkness on Etsy – A Review

Recently I was looking for a special item for a friend of mine. She just recently got her license to drive and got her first car, so I was very excited for her. I wanted to pick up a special ‘power up’ star. While looking for a shop to make what I wanted, I found Rainbow Darkness. […]

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