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CandyLens.Com & Geo Angel Circle Lenses – Review

Last month I was contacted by CandyLens.com to see if I’d be interested in trying out and reviewing some of their circle lenses. After checking out their site, I told them sure! They have a large variety of circle lenses, plus they also carry BB Creams! […]

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How I Order Contacts

I’ve gotten a couple of emails recently asking how to order contacts online, mostly referring to Circle Lenses. The first contacts I ever ordered online were actually NOT Circle lenses. They were my Red Vampire Contacts. My eye doctor helped me with the ordering process and explained to me what I needed to look for when placing an order. […]

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Sad Sunday

Today was a sad day. Ray’s maternal grandmother passed away. I’m very concerned for my Mother-in-law and how she’s handling everything. I’ve been really drained. I had company for over 2 weeks, but now we’re done with company for a while, I think. Yesterday we went to see Sorcerer’s Apprentice, which was really cool. Today we went to see Inception, which I liked. Anyway, here’s a look I threw together today. […]

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Max Pure Pink Circle Lenses

I wanted to show you how the Max Pure Pink Circle Lenses look. I wish they were a brighter pink. However, they’re incredible comfortable. I wore them from 12pm to 1am yesterday and my eyes were about as tired as they would have been with regular contact lenses. So they get an A+ for comfort from me. The diameter on the lenses is 14.5 mm. The base curve is 8.6mm and the water content is 42%. I can see why they’re so highly recommended. However, with my blue-green eyes, I noticed my eyes ended up looking sort of silver when wearing them, instead of pink. This was unusual and unexpected. Here it is with my naked eye. No makeup on. Nothing. […]

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Simple & Quick Look

Yesterday we went to the beach at Indian Rocks. We had lunch at Guppy’s, which was awesome. It was an overcast and rainy day, so it rained on and off. The time we spent at the beach was actually perfect. It was breezy, overcast, and very comfortable. Not too hot. I opted for very simple, quick makeup. […]

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Hi Fi Comeback

While I have company in town, I took a few days off of work. So this is late in posting tonight after we’ve been busy all day. I had a makeup fail this morning when I tried to put together a coral look. So I ended up putting a blue look together. […]

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Rosina’s Looking Glass

I was thinking of wandering in Wonderland. I always thought of Wonderland as having been a a realm of Faerie. So today’s look is Rosina’s wanderings. […]

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