• bareminerals the Wild Thing Makeup Tutorial

bareMinerals Wild Thing Tutorial

Today I’ve got a pretty tutorial for you with the bareMinerals the Wild Thing palette from the Spring 2013 collection. I’ll have a review of it coming up soon, too. […]

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Cerulean Switch

I wanted to give OCC’s Nori a spin today. I grabbed Switch because I knew that with Switch, no matter what, I’d end up with a pretty look. I ended up blending the two colors together a lot, so there’s a lot of green because of that, but I think the overall effect is cool. A friend of miine told me I reminded her of a dragon. […]

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MAC Sweet & Punchy, Shimmermoss & Freshwater

I wanted to give Sweet & Punchy a try today with Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. It turned out a lot better than I thought. I used Sweet & Punchy on the majority of my lid, with Shimmermoss on the outer corner, and Freshwater on the lower lash line. […]

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Candy Decadence in the Obscura

Today I did my makeup in a different way than normal. I put a teal color – Ozone – around the middle of my eyes (my upper lid and my crease). Then I put Scratched Scruples all over my lid. Then in the crease I put Private Lunacy. The effect it had was that my lid started out blue, then became blue-green, then green, then yellow-green. I really liked the effect. If I try it again, I need to get the green to be a bit more visible and the line between the green and the yellow-green to be more fluid and less sharp. […]

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Island Chic

I wanted to wear the new duochrome custom color by Fyrinnae (chartreuse with aqua duochrome), and Glamour Doll Eyes Island ChicShade Descriptions:Custom Duochrome - chartreuse with aqua duochromeIsland Chic - a beautiful blend of green, blue and a touch of goldEyes:Too Faced Shadow InsuranceFyrinnae Pixie EpoxyFyrinnae Custom - lid, inner v, inner lower lash lineGlamour [...]

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Meow Sexy Time Sexting GTMA…. ROFLMAO

Ok ok, I know, enough with the acronyms! However, I put together an absolutely gorgeous look with some of Meow's new Wild Child collection today. I really love how this look turned out. I should have used Pixie Epoxy but I was feeling lazy.Shade Descriptions:Sexting - bright saffron yellow with orange iridescence  and sparkle Sexy [...]

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My Birthday FOTD & Hauls

Hi! It's my birthday :) So this is what I'm wearing today! I did a very defined crease and outer vee today. I just love pairing these colors together.Shade Descriptions:China White - a crystalline barely pink base with a pile of aquamarine and purple sparkleWe're All Mad Here - Luscious, sparkling chartreuse! Similar to our [...]

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