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A Spa Day at Cameo Salon

I Bought This Affiliate Links I wore this outfit on Wednesday when I went to Cameo Spa to have another PCA Skin Sensi Skin Peel facial and a full pedicure done. I love this soft coral pink top with the fuchsia shorts. The top is from Victoria's Secret and the shorts are denizens from [...]

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  • April 2013 Hair Inspiration

April Haircut

I Bought This Press Sample Affiliate Links Friday (yesterday) I went to get my hair cut by Lori at Cameo Salon. I looked at a bunch of pictures for inspiration, but I finally settled on the two above. The one on the left looks like a long version of what I want, with the [...]

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  • January 2013 Haircut

My Recent Visit to Cameo Salon

Yesterday morning it hit me that I should get my hair cut before I leave for IMATS. I also needed to get my brows waxed. So I called Cameo Salon to see if I could get in to see my stylist, Lori. She had a cancellation, so I was able to walk in within 15 minutes. I kept the shape that I had last time (basically a bob, stacked in the back). […]

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Stacked in the Back Red Hair

Wednesday I went to Cameo Salon & Spa to see my favorite stylist, Lori for a new hair cut. I swear my hair grows longer and thicker in the back than anywhere else on my head! Everywhere else it’s fine and thin by my standards. Lori loved my new color scheme.   […]

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  • October 2012 Before & After

Bitten Bangs by Cameo Salon

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I was trying to figure out my next haircut. Wednesday I went to get my hair cut at my favorite salon, Cameo Salon and Spa. I saw my usual stylist, Lori, who always gives me a great cut. I knew I was gravitating towards bobs and a jagged fringe, as opposed to suicide bangs. So after looking at the cuts I liked (you can see them on my pinterest board – this lovely one,  this bob, this one, this one, and these fabulous short bangs), and looking at my hair, we came up with a cut. […]

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August’s New Hair Cut

Today I went to see my fabulous stylist Lori at Cameo Salon to get my hair trimmed. My fringe was in dire need of a trim. My hair hadn’t been touched since Premiere Orlando when Michael O’Rourke Rocked My Hair. He gave me a cut that Lori called ‘the chameleon.’ Since it was time to trim it, she had to work with the layers that had grown out. She neatened the back, made the layers match around the sides, basically removing the shattered/point cut effect. She gave me suicide bangs with a shadow box, meaning I have the short, straight across bangs with pieces of purple that can fall on top of them. It’s a really lovely effect.   […]

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New Short Cut with a Heavy Fringe

I went in this morning to get my hair cut with Lori at Cameo Salon. I don’t normally do 9am appointments but it worked for my schedule, so I did it. I wanted a short cut, different from the bobs I’d been leaning towards. I knew I wanted my fringe to be heavier than it was, and I knew I wanted the bulk cut out of the back. I’m really pleased with the results! You can see all the purple I have underneath my hair now. It was there before, but not visible! Lori also left some little flippy pieces in the back. […]

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