• Why You Shouldn't Order from 1800Flowers.com

Why You Shouldn’t Order from 1800Flowers.com

Purchased by me. All opinions  my own. Today I'm going to tell you why you shouldn't order from 1800Flowers.com, unless you want to have a similarly disappointing experience like I did. A few weeks ago, something horrible happened to one of my high school friends and she was hospitalized. She was devastated by the experience. [...]

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HydroDog – A Follow Up

Today was my third and final appointment with HydroDog for Phaedra and Max. The first appointment I made with them was back in April and the groomer was relatively on time for that first one. For the second appointment, the groomer was late. I figured not a big deal, these things happen on occasion. She [...]

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Buyers Beware Linda’s Variety Store on Ecrater

Recently I fell in love with the Color Club Color Wild at Heart and decided to purchase it through Linda's Variety Store on Ecrater. A nightmare ensued. When I received my polish, it was broken. It had been packaged in a flimsy, thin bubble wrap envelope, about 1/2 the thickness of what I normally use [...]

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Nyx – Customer Service, You’re Doing it Wrong

Nyx Cosmetics, following in the footsteps of Sleek, had a mega sale planned to start yesterday and end today. Unfortunately, the majority of people couldn't participate in the sale because their site couldn't handle the traffic. I myself tried checking the site from the start of the sale at 3pm EST (12pm PST) to 11pm [...]

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Orglamix Update

Since I've received several emails, and it seems to be the top search term on my blog recently, I've decided to make a quick post about Orglamix. I haven't seen the Orglamix Facebook page update since mid-March. The Orglamix Fraud page is still going strong.  From the comments there, lots of people have not received [...]

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QVC – A Lesson in Disappointment

On January 25th, I ordered the Laura Geller Vanilla Nudes 6-piece Baked Collection. I knew that this was a pre-order and that the products wouldn’t be shipped until a later date. This didn’t seem like a big deal to me, as I was under the impression the company would communicate with me when the item would ship. […]

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Update on Orglamix

Several people emailed me in the past few hours with a link to this article about Orglamix. It’s very long and filled with a lot of information. Please check it out: A Long Tale of Orglamix Organic Ending With Unexpected Big Bang It’s my opinion that the key point in the post linked above is this screenshot by Cheri Rychlee (Cheri Tracy), which says: I have a small cosmetics line in the us, which is currently all private label. I want to switchto semi-custom manufacturing, using stock shades and formulas, but adding certain ainti-aging ingredient. The problem, I can’t seem to find anyone who is willing to work with me on small quantities to begin (350-500 units per SKU). Any advice? Recommendations? Thanks you, I appreciate it! In my opinion, this screenshot ( if it is true) that The Eyes Have it All Blog found seems to indicate that what Orglamix was selling was private label (meaning it was not hand crafted). Additionally, if you visit the Orglamix Facebook Page, you see lots of angry entries from fans who are upset over Orglamix having said that the adverts with models on them were wearing her makeup, when they are stock photos from places like istockphotos.com. (These have apparently been deleted by Orglamix.) […]

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