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Saturday’s Nordstrom Tampa Trendshow Spring 2012 – Makeovers

Judi and I both got makeovers done while at the Saturday Nordstrom Tampa Trendshow Spring 2012.  Judi went off to get a makeover done at MAC and I went to see Manny to get my makeover done. When he asked what I wanted done, I told him I wasn’t afraid of color and he could do whatever he liked, I just didn’t want boring or natural. He was happy because he didn’t want to do that, either!

For the look Manny did on me, he started by prepping my skin by cleansing it and then he moisturized it. He used NARS Sheer Matte foundation in Siberia to even out my skintone. He prepped my eyes with NARS eyeshadow primer. He then reached for Kalisté, a teal shade, to color in my lid and blended the color up into my crease and along my lower lash line. It actually looked really gorgeous like that, but he wasn’t done! He played with some color on the back of his hand and decided to use the eggplant shade from Eurydice to blend on top of Kalisté on my lid and my crease. He really reaffirmed for me that blending is key as he spent a lot of time blending. This means I need to be blending more 🙂

He used Chantilly concealer to fix the dark spots under my eyes. He told me I had great skin and to stop worrying about the spots that drive me crazy. The texture on Chantilly was really awesome. He also did this thing where he added a touch of eye cream to Chantilly to make the concealer meld with my skin.


He was so gentle whenever he touched to blend. He filled in my eyes with an eggplant matte shade, maybe Lulu? Anyway, I was thrilled by how my eyes looked.  I think he used Zen blush on my cheeks, but I’m not 100% sure of that. It was a sort of brown shade that I wasn’t sure what it would loo like but it was good. He kept my lips soft with the Born this Way gloss, his favorite gloss right now.

I think it makes my eyes look HUUUUUUUUGE! He even added a bit of Tropic to my lower lash line. LOVE!

I loved the results!

Then Manni did a natural look for a lady and I watched very closely. His blending style was different, as was his color placement, for the natural look. The lady turned out very nice!

When Judi came over after her MAC makeover was done, she was a bit disappointed. She had asked for a bright look but the colors weren’t really bright. Manny ended up doing a makeover for her too. She requested bright lips to begin and he gave her some gorgeous lips with Schiap lipstick!

When he went to work on her eyes, he started with a silvery sage green and applied it to her lids only. Then he took Lhasa (I think this is a color everyone must own, I must own it eventually!) and he applied it on top of the green and blended it upwards and into her crease. The effect was neat.

See? Pretty!

Brenda, a NARS makeup artist, hung out with us while we were there. She was really cool to talk to, too.

They look so tall and regal!

They’re also both dog lovers <3 Brenda has a poodle and Manny has a boxer. It was so nice to meet more animal lovers.

Judi and I had an amazing time. Manny and Brenda really made the trendshow memorable for us. I loved being able to watch, learn and ask questions.

Thank you to Judi for asking me to attend the Trendshow with you! It was great! Thank you to Manny and Brenda for helping us to have a wonderful time!

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