• butter london fairy cake polish
1910, 2012

butter London Fairy Cake Swatches and Review

October 19th, 2012|6 Comments

I recently picked up butter London Fairy Cake from Zappos. If you’ve never ordered from Zappos, I recommend you give it a try, at least once. Their customer service is unbeatable! Anyway, on to Fairy Cake. When I first heard about Fairy Cake, I knew I had to have it. […]

  • The Makeup Show Orlando
1910, 2012

The Makeup Show Orlando Blogger Panel

October 19th, 2012|4 Comments

I've got some fantastic news to share with you. As you know, the Makeup Show Orlando will be here in only a few short weeks. The blogger panel at the Makeup Show Orlando will be [...]

  • Me with my funco Maleficent Doll
1810, 2012

Disney Villains Maleficent Tutorial

October 18th, 2012|13 Comments

Many of you requested that I do a tutorial for my Maleficent look, so I put one together. I used Evil Shades, Fyrinnae and Sugarpill. I'm not pleased with the wig. I got it for [...]

  • Butter London All Hail the Queen Blue and the Black Knight Manicure
1810, 2012

Butter London Trio Manicure

October 18th, 2012|12 Comments

I wanted to show off three of my favorite butter London shades, All Hail the Queen, the Black Knight and Bluey. […]

  • gud_pearanormal_activity_in
1810, 2012

gud Pearanormal Activity Body Lotion Review

October 18th, 2012|8 Comments

I’ve been holding out on you. Quite a while back I picked up the gud Pearanormal Activity Body Lotion. It’s a pear and  acai berry scent. It’s addictive! It’s my favorite of all the gud scents so far. The back of the bottle says, Skin chugs it. Without the “what did I do last night?” feeling. A delicious drink for skin with the energizing scent of pear and acai berry. Because skin should be soft, no matter how hard you play. I have to say, the gud website is slacking a bit by not having this fabulous scent up on their website! It really is the best of their line, in my opinion. […]

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