• nidia_aj
1411, 2012

The Makeup Show Orlando Recap Part 2

November 14th, 2012|3 Comments

First I brought you Saturday’s Blogger Preview and Sunday from the Makeup Show Orlando. Now I’m bringing you Monday. To begin, Crystal, Ray and I went to see AJ Crimson speak. He is an amazing speaker. He’s quite motivational! I have some of it recorded and I need to produce the video. Again, a ton of pictures behind the cut! […]

  • BftE Dragon Potion Tutorial
1311, 2012

Dragon Potion Tutorial

November 13th, 2012|8 Comments

mI like this look in concept, but I think it would have looked better with a matte purple crease. Don’t get me wrong, I love BftE Love Potion #9 and it’s a brilliant shade, but it would have worked better layered on top. Also? My brows are in a sad state and they need to waxed. Now. […]

  • Items of Note
1311, 2012

The Makeup Show Orlando Recap Part 1

November 13th, 2012|27 Comments

This post has taken me forever to write! I had such a wonderful time at the Makeup Show Orlando and I met so many amazing people. But before the Makeup Show Orlando, we started with a Baby Shower with Brittany on Saturday! Ray and Crystal (owner of BftE) came with me. In fact, Crystal stayed with us for several days to hang out and attend the Makeup Show with us! Me & Brittany. She always looks fab! Be warned, there are a TON of pictures behind the cut. I had to break this into two posts because of the number of photos. […]

  • Sugarpill Winter Blues with a touch of Gold
1211, 2012

Winter Blues Tutorial

November 12th, 2012|7 Comments

After being inspired by Anna from Fenua Beaute, I wanted to wear Illamasqua Burst. I ended up turning it into a cold, wintery blue look with a few touches of gold. […]

  • BftE Closeout Sale
1211, 2012

BftE Closeout Sale!

November 12th, 2012|1 Comment

Before you fear that BftE Cosmetics is closing, they are not! They are, however, getting rid of a ton of colors (did you know they have over 400?!). You can find their closeout sale here

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