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Is Nu Skin Cruelty Free?

Marc Jacobs Beauty is not cruelty free

Is Nu Skin Cruelty Free?

I’ve had so many people contact me about Nu Skin, asking is Nu Skin cruelty free? The answer is no. No they are not. Below is what Nu Skin told me.

Nu Skin advocates and subscribes to both the ethical and humane treatment of animals and the protection of human health and safety.

Nu Skin does not test its cosmetic products on animals, nor do we request others to test on our behalf, except when mandated by law and regulatory agencies. We evaluate our products in clinical tests on human volunteer panels to ensure the efficacy and safety of our products.

When it comes to the company’s nutritional products, Nu Skin adheres to the same philosophy. Nu Skin nutritional and herbal products are consumed internally, and as a result some government regulatory agencies may require animal research to support human safety and product efficacy. In cases when it is necessary to conduct animal studies, we make every effort to do so in an ethical and humane manner and adhere to applicable and approved government- treatment protocols.

Some government regulations within the markets we sell product currently require certain tests be conducted and their approved versions of these tests are done on animals—alternative tests are not accepted at this time. Thus, in order to do business in these markets (and although Nu Skin does not conduct the test), animal testing is conducted on our products as part of the registration process.

As for China testing, Nu Skin is not able to influence the testing done. The testing done as part of China registration is mandated and conducted by a government agency and/or one approved by them. Nu Skin does not have the ability to further influence this. As it is done per the government, we would assume that they are done by a reputable agency and therefore conducted in ethical and human ways.

Some ingredients may have been tested in animals to evaluated things like toxicology, safety, etc. Nu Skin has not requested these studies be done. Of note, however, Nu Skin sells products in Europe which have a global formulation used in other markets. Europe has specific regulations pertaining to animal testing on cosmetic products and ingredients. See Any product sold in this market cannot have been tested on animals (since 2004) or have any ingredients tested on animals (since 2009). Nu Skin complies with these regulations as we conduct sales in this region.

Our products are not going to be certified vegetarian or vegan. The attached are the ingredients that are sourced from animals. We recommend that people concerned about the ingredients always check the ingredient decks of the products they are interested in before purchasing to see if there are ingredients they may not like. Nu Skin strives to use the best of both science and nature for their formulations and each ingredient goes through our rigorous 6s Quality Process to ensure it is safe and effective to use

Our products are not going to be certified by Leaping Bunny.

So no, Nu Skin is not cruelty free. I will not shop with them.


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  • Wow! They’re like nope f the animals. Although I appreciate that they were actually quite clear about doing animal testing I don’t feel I would buy from them if they became cf.

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