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No Originality with Lime Crime?

In case you’ve missed what’s been going on with the makeup company Lime Crime, people are saying that they sell repackaged TKB and that Lime Crime doesn’t seem to have created any of their own eye shadows.

You can check out all of the information in one of these places:
1. Ana’s  blog Lipsticks & Lightsabers has a great post about Lime Crime.
2. Grey’s blog has a very informative post about Lime Crime as well.
3. Jessica Allison’s blog has a price breakdown by ounce on Lime Crime vs. MAC vs. TKB Trading company.
4. Saila’s email from Lime Crime.
5. Ana’s update on Lime Crime.

Particularly of interest is the list that Grey has on her website of the color matches in TKB colors to Lime Crime’s colors. She lists them as:
LC “Color Name” = TKB “Color Name”

Since I have a standard poodle (as you probably know), the color I almost purchased from Lime Crime was (and I’m sooooooooooooooo glad I didn’t buy anything from Lime Crime)
“Pink Poodle” = TKB “Cloisonne Red”.

I also found this stunning, from Jessica Allison’s Blog:
Lime Crime is $12 for .07 oz = $171.43 per ounce
MAC pigments are $19.50 for .26 oz = $75 per ounce
TKB Trading are $4-$4.50 per ounce

I am glad that I did not purchase from Lime Crime after seeing the above numbers.

I would love to hear what you think about this whole scandal!

Please note, I have refrained from posting about Lime Crime before now, other than to say I would NOT recommend them. Something just always seemed off about them to me. Call it a feeling, a hunch, whatever. However, several of my friends and readers have contacted me letting me know that they were upset over this because they had purchased from Lime Crime.

The main reason I did not purchase from Lime Crime when I was originally thinking about purchasing Pink Poodle was because I figured, for the price of $12 for a Lime Crime eyeshadow, I can purchase a MAC refill pan for $11. I just didn’t want to pay what she charged, as I felt it was overpriced and she doesn’t offer samples, so I wasn’t even sure I’d like the color. At least with MAC, I can go into a store and see the color. With most of the mineral makeup companies that I purchase from I can try a sample to see if I like it. At worst, I’m out $1. With Lime Crime, if I didn’t like it, I’d be out $12 plus shipping.

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