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Neon Peacock Hair

New May 2013 Phyrra Hair - Before and After

Saturday I decided it was time to change my hair color. I was inspired by this beautiful girl on Pinterest. My friends have since dubbed this hair ‘neon peacock hair.’ While it’s not quite neon to me, it is certainly fun! If you’re following me on Instagram, you already got a sneak peek of my new hair!

Right After Dyeing My HairHere’s what it looked like right after I dyed it and dried it.

Here’s what I did. First, I started by using Color Zap (because Sally’s was out of One n’ Only Color Fix) to remove the purple on the top of my head. It worked perfectly, restoring that section of my hair to a light blonde. Then I bleached my roots, since I haven’t touched my roots since March.  For more information on how I care for my colored hair and the products I typically use, please check out my How to Take Care of Brightly Colored Hair post.

Next I went on to color!

Starting with the very top of my hair, I took the section that was previously purple and was now in a light blonde state and applied Ion Color Brilliance in Aqua. I then sectioned off a piece of my fringe that I wanted to be lime green and pulled it out of the way. Next, with Ray’s help, we applied Ion Color Brilliance in Fuchsia to the middle section of my hair. This was the majority of my hair, all the way around my head. Then, we applied a tiny section of Aqua under the Fuchsia on the back of my head, and to two sections of hair framing my face nd the left side of my fringe. Finally, we finished by applying Manic Panic Electric Lizard to a section of my fringe on the right side, as well as the very bottom back of my hair (neckline).

A little bit of the Fuchsia and Aqua blended, making a gorgeous, sort of indigo shade. I love these colors together!

Manic Panic Electric Lizard under blacklight

Here’s the Manic Panic Electric Lizard under blacklight. You can see a few pieces of my pink (where it looked coral-pink-orange before) still have some of the vibrancy left over from Manic Panic Electric Lava (which is the orange color I used). I didn’t remove the pink section of my hair, instead I just recolored it with straight Fuchsia (rather than a Fuchsia / Magenta mix). I really am surprised by how much I like Electric Lizard in my hair! I love these colors together. It’s a lot of fun.

Peacock Hair

Yes, I love my Dr. Who / Alice in Wonderland Fandom mashup shirt. Speaking of Dr. Who, did you watch the season finale? It was so good! I really thought it was well done.

Anyway, I love my new hair! I love this color combination and placement. I’m glad I gave Electric Lizard a try. I think just the few accents of it are super cute. I may try layering a bit of Electric Lizard on top of my Aqua later on, just a few locks of hair, to see how those two play together.

What’s inspired you with your hair lately? Have you done anything daring? What do you think of this new color combination?

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