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NARS Eyeshadow Swatches

This is all of my NARS eyeshadow collection with a bronzer and blush thrown in, since I’ve used both on the eyes at various points in time. NARS is definitely one of the most expensive brands that I purchase but I love the quality of the products that I have, especially their foundations.

Yes, the cases get smudged easily. No, I don’t really care. If it’s bugging me, I take a wet wipe and wipe it down. Not a big deal for me, but I know some people really hate it. I like the feel of the rubberized containers.

$34 for eyeshadow duo .14 oz
$24 for eyeshadow single .07 oz
$28 for blush .16 oz.
$34 for bronzer 28 oz.

I tend to splurge on these during Sephora Friends & Family Sales.

These were all swatched on bare skin.

Row 1 = Tzarine – Tzarine – Eurydice – Bysance – Wicked – Laguna
Row 2 = Sugarland – Sugarland – Eurydice – Bysance – Wicked – Tropic
Row 3 = Nico

Row 1 = Tzarine – Tzarine – Eurydice – Bysance – Wicked – Laguna
Row 2 = Sugarland – Sugarland – Eurydice – Bysance – Wicked – Tropic
Row 3 = Nico

Tzarine – platinum gold infused with gold and silver reflections, steel grey
Eurydice – electric aubergine, graphite
Sugarland – glimmering apricot, lavender pink with a golden sheen
Bysance – shimmering marigold, iridescent iris
Wicked – pale almost-sage green, light chartreuse
Laguna – brown with golden shimmer
Tropic – matte teal with silver particles
Nico – natural glow

Nico works for a very natural looking blush on me. It also works on the eyelid. Laguna works as a contour for me for both the cheek or the eye.

The eyeshadows are all lovely. The Bysance duo runs a bit sheer, but on primer it’s good.
Eurydice is gorgeous. I actually haven’t worn Tzarine or Sugarland that I can recall. Wicked is pretty.

Tropic I bought because it is an iconic color from NARS, and it’s a teal. It’s gorgeous. It’s got issues with fallout, so I find using it with Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy or MAC Fix+ works best.

Tzarine I bought for the name alone. Eurydice I had to have because I thought the colors would suit me. I was so excited by the fact that Manny used Eurydice (the Aubergine shade) for my makeover. Wicked was a gift from a sweet friend. Bysance I was able to pick up for $10 when it was on sale. Sugarland seemed like it would be nice to play with.

Of course, being me, I’ve got my eyes on a few other eyeshadows:
Rated R, the Hanamichi palette, Lhasa, Night Star, Coconut Grove, and Outremer

Do you like NARS eyeshadows? Are there any shades you must have? What’s your favorite high end brand to splurge on?

Some products purchased by me. Some products gift with purchase. Some products gift from friend. All opinions are my own.

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  • I thought laguna would be darker bronze color. but swatched looks pretty. you’re making me want more nars. I finally bought orgasm blush, which is nice if i want a sheer blush. and i agree, i also like the rubberized packaging. feels nice to touch.

  • I have a couple of NARS singles – Lhasa which I dearly love & Cairo but no duos or trios yet. I’ve got my eyes on a couple though – Mandchourie, Paramibo & a few others. Tzarine is very pretty – the graphite color from Euridyce would really nice with it as well IMO!
    NARS is one of my favorite high end brands!

  • I have Rated R and I do like it, but it does fade a little bit throughout the day which is kind of disappointing. I also have Lhasa and it is gorgeous, definitely one of my favourite eyeshadows, you should absolutely swatch it and see if you like it 🙂 One of my favourite NARS eyeshadow duos would have to be Underworld, it’s an easy way to wear blue without it being too bright/intimidating.

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