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Lime Crime Majestic Prelude Chroma Tutorial

Lime Crime Majestic Prelude Chroma Tutorial

You know I’m addicted to purple, so today I have a Lime Crime Majestic Prelude Chroma Tutorial to share with you. I recently bought 2 of the Lime Crime Lid-Lites – Majestic and Lily Pad – to give them a try. When trying to decide what to do with them, I reached for the Lime Crime Prelude Chroma Palette and create a purple eyeshadow look since I’ve done a lot of green looks back to back.

PR + Purchased by me.

About Lime Crime

I’ve been purchasing Lime Crime for about 2 years now. Lime Crime is a cruelty-free and 100% vegan beauty brand with Leaping Bunny certification. Lime Crime had a very rocky start and problematic past, but have since cleaned up their act. Read more about why I’ve chosen to give Lime Crime a chance.

Lime Crime Majestic Prelude Chroma Tutorial Video

Watch the video on YouTube with Closed Captioning!

Shop Your Makeup Stash to Recreate

I’m still practicing social distancing (need ideas for things to do while at home? I’ve got a ton here!) and I hope you are too if it’s possible! As such, I recommend shopping your makeup stash to recreate this look at home. Below are generic color descriptions.

  • Cyprus – royal purple matte
  • Majestic – metallic indigo shimmer
  • Side Eye – warm taupe matte
  • Rodeo Drive – champagne pearl

Lime Crime Purple Look

Purple Hooded Eyes Makeup Tutorial Lime Crime Purple Look

Purple Hooded Eyes Makeup Lime Crime Majestic Prelude Chroma Tutorial Lime Crime Prelude Chroma Look Purple Hooded Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden
Cozzette Essential Powder in C1 (v)
Lime Crime Cyprus (Prelude Chroma Palette) (v)
Lime Crime Majestic Lid-Lite (v)
Sugarpill Side Eye (C2 Capsule Collection Palette) (v)
*Ofra Rodeo Drive highlighter (v)
Ofra Verified Liquid Liner (v)
Eyeko Black Magic Mascara
Magnetic Lashes
*Urban Decay Blackout Brow Blade (v)
Milani After Dark pencil (v)
Pixi Extra Bright Eye pencil

Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer (v)
*Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin Tint in 1 (v)
Danessa Myrick Prism FX Hydrating Lotion (v)
*Clove + Hallow Concealer in 1 (v)
Nudestix Sculpting Stick in 1 (v)
Nyx Sweet Cheeks in So Taupe (v)
Sugarpill Retrograde (C2 Capsule Collection Palette) blush (v)
*Ofra Bali blush topper (v)
*Ofra Rodeo Drive highlighter (v)
Ofra Glazed Donut highlighter (v)
Fenty Pro Filt’r Powder in Lavender

*Clove + Hallow Sangria Lip Velvet (v)

*pr sample
(v) vegan

Ofra Highlighter Descriptions

  • Glazed Donut – frosty white pearl
  • Bali – multidimensional gold with peach shift
  • Rodeo Drive – universally flattering champagne pearl

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About Lime Crime Majestic Prelude Chroma Look

Lime Crime Majestic Prelude Chroma Tutorial

I love the Lime Crime Venus eyeshadow formula. I have purchased the Venus III, Venus Immortalis, Venus XL 1, Venus XL 2, Prelude Chroma, Prelude Exposed and Venus Vivid, so I have a pretty good feel for their formula. I really like their mattes, and their deeper matte shades are the ones I often gravitate towards.

I rarely ‘warm up’ my complexion by taking the time to apply contour or bronze around the perimeter of my face. For today’s tutorial, I spent the extra time to do that and it turned out really nice.

Because I love Ofra’s highlighters, I used three different ones on my cheeks. I applied Bali at the top edge of my blush as a highlighting blush because it has a peach to gold shift, then I used the universally flattering (I rarely find things that claim to be universally flattering to work for my complexion) Rodeo Drive to highlight in a C shape. I used a tiny bit of Glazed Donut above the eyebrow and at the outer corner of the eye.

I can’t remember the last time I tinted my eyebrows, as I usually have them tinted black. They’re a really medium mousy brown shade that does nothing for me and right now they need to be dyed. I used Urban Decay’s Brow Blade in Blackout (soft black) to shape my brows. I love this new brow product from Urban Decay.

For once in my life, I tried a concealer that looked too pink and too dark for me and it turned out nice! The Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin Tint in 1 is a perfect match for my fair skin, so I gave the Concealer in 1 a try.  Previously I’d used Concealer in 2, which was more yellow toned. I’m thrilled with my complexion today!

Lime Crime Lid-Lite Eyeshadow Review

As I mention in the video, I am really disappointed with how Lime Crime Majestic Lid-Lite creased on me! I applied eyeshadow primer and setting powder, then a Lime Crime eyeshadow, and then it creased on me in about 20 minutes. Lime Crime’s site says “Use fingertips for one-swipe intensity, high-pigment coverage that won’t fade, crease, or magically disappear on you.” Unfortunately for me, the shade Majestic did not live up to Lime Crime’s claims.

I do want you to know that I purchased two shades – Majestic and Lily Pad. Lily Pad arrived shattered from Ulta because they shipped it in a box and didn’t put tissue wrap or anything around it. I actually had another item from Ulta sent in a different box, also poorly packaged, that arrived shattered too. I contacted Ulta and they sent replacements, which miraculously arrived unscathed. I say miraculously because they sent them with minimal packaging again so I’m just lucky they didn’t break a second time. Why they think an air packet is sufficient for delicate makeup is beyond me.

I’ll be testing Lily Pad out tomorrow to see if I have better luck with that color. If you’ve tried the new Lime Crime Lid-Lite, has it creased on you?

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  • Thank you for your review! I feel like there aren’t many detailed reviews on these.I just received my bundle of all 6 of them a few days ago and I do agree that out of all of them, Majestic started to crease a little bit but only on one eye? I patted more shadow with my fingers and it appears as though it didn’t crease once I build it up like that. I will keep experimenting (: I wonder if these are anything like the UD moondust shadows? I’m trying so hard to resist the urge of getting a backup bundle lol

  • I get that a lot of brands have been trying to be more environmentally friendly but I don’t understand why you wouldn’t use a paper product instead that can be recycled. It doesn’t make any sense to use nothing as reshipping things is actually far worst. I think people forget there are three R’s. Reduce, REUSE and recycle. Lots of people reuse things like bubble wrap but even if they felt it was too harmful even more people would be able to find a use for the paper filler some brands are using(unless it’s that shredded hard stuff, that’s near impossible to reuse and a total mess that has damaged items I’ve gotten before). I just think it’s a little lazy or “cost saving” on their part and makes me hesitate to order from them. In Canada we normally don’t get shipping refunded and actually have to pay again to have replacements sent out even for broken or missing items.
    Moving on I love the idea behind your look since I’m a big purple fan but I already have issues with shadows fading and creasing so I’m glad I saw this. I thought the shadows looked pretty online and I like doing all shimmer looks but at the cost I’m better off just trying a palette I will like. The singles are not cheaper if I’m just going to be buying a replacement or won’t use them. Probably get it from their site since they often have sales and I believe better packaging and I can’t afford nor do I want the hassle of dealing with broken products.

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