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JD Glow Liquid Multichromes Look

JD Glow Liquid Multichromes Look

JD Glow Liquid Multichromes Look

You asked, so here’s a quick write up on my JD Glow Liquid Multichromes Look. The lipstick that everyone wants to know about is by Cheekbone Beauty. They’re a cruelty-free indigenous owned indie beauty brand from Canada. The formula on the two shades I own – Buffy and Bethany – is ultra cushy and comfortable. It makes me want to buy every color!

JD GLow Liquid Multichrome Look

Cheekbone Beauty Bethany

Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later eye primer
Viseart Bright Editorial Palette (lime+ grass green, yellow+orange)
JD Glow See Weed, Sphinx, Umm
TheBalm Schwing Black Liquid Liner
LA Girl Super Bright eye pencil
Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara
Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill Black brow gel
Urban Decay Blackout brow blade

Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later illuminating face primer
Clove+ Hallow Liquid Skin Tint 1
Stila Sheer Lillium blush
Stila Kitten highlight
Fenty Pro Filt’r Lavender powder

Cheekbone Beauty Buffy

Lips 2
Cheekbone Beauty Bethany

This was the second time that I’ve used the Elizabeth Mott Eye and Face Primers. So far I like both! For those who haven’t heard of them, Elizabeth Mott is a cruelty-free beauty brand inspired by k-beauty.

In case you don’t know, Milk Makeup (formerly one of my favorite brands) has had former employees and models speak out about them treating black employees and people of color employees badly. You can read about it on Reddit. Because of this, I don’t feel comfortable featuring them on my blog right now. I want to see if Milk Makeup actually DOES anything to address the issue.

Anyway, instead of wearing my usual Milk primer + foundation combo, I used Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin Tint in 1 today.  The color match is fabulous! I just wish that it was a stick foundation instead of a liquid. I’ve had issues with the packaging on the Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin Tint twice now, where the product seems to become separated inside the bottle, and no matter how much I squeeze it, it squirts out clear liquid before giving me foundation. It’s messy when this happens. I’ve contacted Clove + Hallow about it and they said it’s a rare issue, and they sent me another foundation.

Right now, I just prefer to use stick foundation because it’s so much faster, easier, and customizable vs. a liquid foundation. Despite that, the Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin Tint looks fantastic on me and shade 1 is a great match for my skin tone.

The Viseart Bright Editorial palette is my pick for the BEST rainbow palette that you can buy. The pan size is huge. The colors and formula are gorgeous. It’s not filled with disappointment like the e.l.f. x jkissa To the Rescue rainbow palette.

I really like theBalm’s Schwing Matte Black liner on days that my eyes aren’t watery. It looks great today because my eyes didn’t water. If they water, it smears on me. I need a cruelty free black matte liquid liner that doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t budge, flake or run on my eyes!

Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara is the best mascara that I’ve found for my lashes so far this year. I need a mascara that can help my stubborn straight lashes hold a curl. This is really the only mascara that I’ve found that can do it. I hate how stubborn my lashes are. It makes me miss getting my lash lift, which is basically a perm for my lashes and helps them to be perfectly curled.

LA Girl Super Bright eye pencil is my favorite eye brightener pencil for my skin tone. A lot of eye brighteners are darker than my skin tone so they look strange when I’ve tried to use them. This one is perfect.

Elizabeth Mott’s Queen of the Fill Black Brow Gel is my current favorite brow product. It’s very tinted, so it colors my current mousy brown brows black. Then I just need to add a few strokes with the Urban Decay Blackout brow blade (the pen side).

I love the Urban Decay Blackout Brow Blade right now since I haven’t dyed my hair black in months. My natural hair color is a very dark brown that people often mistake for black, so Blackout’s brown-black hue works well for me right now.

I adore the Stila Sheer Lillium blush! It’s such a gorgeous cream blush and very easy to apply. I’m starting to like the cream Kitten highlighter a little better, even if I don’t usually use such a color to highlight.

The Fenty Pro Filt’r Lavender powder is excellent and very finely milled. I love the porcelain finish it typically gives me.

Finally, I am in love with the Cheekbone Beauty Liquid Lipstick formula. I purchased two shades, Buffy and Bethany. They’re both so comfortable to wear! The colors are perfect for my taste, too! It makes me want to buy every color they make.



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