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Inglot Eyeshadow Swatches

My Inglot order arrived and I swatched the colors for you. 2 of the shades I ordered were back ordered. Inglot’s great customer service actually called me to find out if I wanted them to still send those colors once they’re back in stock or if I wanted to replace them or if I wanted a refund. I was really impressed by the fact that Inglot took the time to call me about this issue. I told them to send the colors whenever they were back in stock. My 477 and 362 are the two colors that are back ordered. I also re-swatched the 3 shades of Inglot that I already own, thanks to Grey’s lovely holiday gift.

I purchased enough eye shadows to buy them for $5 each, which wasn’t bad at all. $5.00 for 2.7g (.09 US oz) of product.  By comparison, MAC’s shadow refill pans are $11 for 1.5g / .05 oz. So for less than half the price, you get almost twice as much product. You’re supposed to be able to purchase them for $4.50 each if you buy more than 10, but their cart didn’t seem to be deducting things correctly, as I ordered 16 shadows and was charged $5 for each shadow.

Shipping was $9, which I found to be excessive. The box the shadows arrived in was smaller than the flat rate $5 box that Sugarpill ships in. I was surprised that my shadows only had a bit of bubble wrap down one side, as opposed to completely surrounding the shadows. The plastic cases that each shadow came in is what most likely helped keep them from breaking during shipping. They were shipped via FedEx, as that was the only option I had available to me on the Inglot USA site.

You can see the freedom palette and 3 shadows I received from Grey, along with 2 other shadows here.

The rest of the colors I stuck in my Cliche Cosmetics Freestyle Palette. This palette is $16, and with tax and shipping you get it for around $20.

Now, on to the swatches 🙂

Yes these are huge pictures.

Eye Shadow Shine Shades:
36 – shimmery grey
28 – white with glowy blue iridescence
35 – shimmery creamy white
14 – shimmery grape
29 – ethereal glowy light pink

Double Sparkle:
495 – reddish-coral shade with gold iridescence
474 – yellow with coordinating sparkles
483 – deep midnight blue with sparkle
488 – cherry blossom pink

AMC Eye Shadow:
59 – yellow-green chartreuse with sparkle
57 – deep forest green with sparkle
70 – vivid aqua blue with sparkle
74 – gorgeous raspberry with sparkle

376 – deep cool matte grey
384 – grass green matte
372 – teal matte
388 – indigo matte

My 477 (I think it’s a minty sparkly green) and 362 (I think it’s a matte mid-tone pink) are back-ordered.

The only color I was disappointed with is 35, which I thought would have a bit of pink iridescence to it. The creamy white is ok, but it’s not what I expected.

28 is similar to MAC Vellum or Nyx Opal, but not exact. It has a similar effect on the skin but a silvery-blue shows up more.

The shadow texture is very creamy and pigmented. I swatched all of these shadows on Meow’s Light Primer, with a cotton swab.

From having worn 376, 36 and 495, I can tell you they apply easily and blend easily. I think they’re really lovely shadows. Overall I’m happy with my Inglot shadows. I look forward to trying some of their lip products in the future.

Have you tried Inglot? What do you think of them? Do you see any colors here that you like?

Products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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