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Inglot Eyeshadow Swatches

My Inglot order arrived and I swatched the colors for you. 2 of the shades I ordered were back ordered. Inglot’s great customer service actually called me to find out if I wanted them to still send those colors once they’re back in stock or if I wanted to replace them or if I wanted a refund. I was really impressed by the fact that Inglot took the time to call me about this issue. I told them to send the colors whenever they were back in stock. My 477 and 362 are the two colors that are back ordered. I also re-swatched the 3 shades of Inglot that I already own, thanks to Grey’s lovely holiday gift.

I purchased enough eye shadows to buy them for $5 each, which wasn’t bad at all. $5.00 for 2.7g (.09 US oz) of product.  By comparison, MAC’s shadow refill pans are $11 for 1.5g / .05 oz. So for less than half the price, you get almost twice as much product. You’re supposed to be able to purchase them for $4.50 each if you buy more than 10, but their cart didn’t seem to be deducting things correctly, as I ordered 16 shadows and was charged $5 for each shadow.

Shipping was $9, which I found to be excessive. The box the shadows arrived in was smaller than the flat rate $5 box that Sugarpill ships in. I was surprised that my shadows only had a bit of bubble wrap down one side, as opposed to completely surrounding the shadows. The plastic cases that each shadow came in is what most likely helped keep them from breaking during shipping. They were shipped via FedEx, as that was the only option I had available to me on the Inglot USA site.

You can see the freedom palette and 3 shadows I received from Grey, along with 2 other shadows here.

The rest of the colors I stuck in my Cliche Cosmetics Freestyle Palette. This palette is $16, and with tax and shipping you get it for around $20.

Now, on to the swatches 🙂

Yes these are huge pictures.

Eye Shadow Shine Shades:
36 – shimmery grey
28 – white with glowy blue iridescence
35 – shimmery creamy white
14 – shimmery grape
29 – ethereal glowy light pink

Double Sparkle:
495 – reddish-coral shade with gold iridescence
474 – yellow with coordinating sparkles
483 – deep midnight blue with sparkle
488 – cherry blossom pink

AMC Eye Shadow:
59 – yellow-green chartreuse with sparkle
57 – deep forest green with sparkle
70 – vivid aqua blue with sparkle
74 – gorgeous raspberry with sparkle

376 – deep cool matte grey
384 – grass green matte
372 – teal matte
388 – indigo matte

My 477 (I think it’s a minty sparkly green) and 362 (I think it’s a matte mid-tone pink) are back-ordered.

The only color I was disappointed with is 35, which I thought would have a bit of pink iridescence to it. The creamy white is ok, but it’s not what I expected.

28 is similar to MAC Vellum or Nyx Opal, but not exact. It has a similar effect on the skin but a silvery-blue shows up more.

The shadow texture is very creamy and pigmented. I swatched all of these shadows on Meow’s Light Primer, with a cotton swab.

From having worn 376, 36 and 495, I can tell you they apply easily and blend easily. I think they’re really lovely shadows. Overall I’m happy with my Inglot shadows. I look forward to trying some of their lip products in the future.

Have you tried Inglot? What do you think of them? Do you see any colors here that you like?

Products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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  • I recently discovered that we have an Inglots store in LV. I stumbled across it a couple weeks ago and peered in like a kid outside a candy store. The lady kept waving at me to come in… which I did and I fell in love! I bought the 5 square freedom system and its awesome. I think my favorite product though is their gel liner. It seriously stays on my waterline all day. Which never happens with any type of eyeliner!

  • Thank you so much for the swatches! I really can’t justify more eyeshadow purchases right now, but I’m really interested in the other products they offer. I hope they work out their website bugs because this company has a HUGE big opportunity to succeed here in the US (I know their few standalone stores are already successful, but they really have a chance to grow).

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  • Oooh lovely lovely swatches! I just got back from London and have myself purchased a few of these colours from the Inglot store there. Even with the price increase the shadows seem like total bargains. I got 3 gel liners too, I couldn’t resist… :s

    Also, I haven’t dared play with them yet, they’re too pretty! But I’m getting them out later on today for sure. Thanks for the post, Phyrra xx

  • Yay for more swatches! I am writing down the colors I didn’t already get but would like. I’m hoping to get the NJ store next month and I want to be ready!

  • i’m Inglot addict… thanks god, this Polish company and i have unlimited access to it… in this way I can fill the emptiness in my heart, when I can’t bring some other cosmetics – for example from U.S or Asia… 😉
    i use Inglot since about 12 yrs & I can say that I still discover new great products in their offer… i love thier eyeshadows, gel liners, liquid liners, lip paints, pigments 🙂 oh, and Duraline is also great 🙂


  • 70 & 59 look amazing! I’m waiting on my first Inglot order to ship. Many lovely things but I kept my order small- a green/teal/blue flakie on clear base nail polish & a pink AMC lip gloss (I figured I had to try at least one of them out in my lifetime since they’re so unique). Now I want to see what Inglot eyeshadows I like best. I agree that their shipping is pricey ($7 for my order).

  • It is quite unfortunate that you cannot get Inglot products shipped to Canada! The eyeshadows look fantastic, great swatches! I have been dying to try the AMC Lip Glosses, they look like they have a neat duochrome/holographic effect!

  • I actually had a slightly different customer service experience. I ordered some brow waxes and powders in a 5 round palette and someone called a few days later to tell me all the brow powders were out of stock. The woman on the other end was very blunt, almost to the point of being rude, and only asked me if I wanted to substitute the 3 colors. I told her no because I’d ordered all 3 of the dark colors on the site that weren’t browns. She never asked me if I wanted them to ship the colors out when they were back in stock or for a refund…based on her attitude, I just told her to remove the whole palette from the order.

    When I finally got everything, my packing slip said that the brow palette should’ve been included…but it wasn’t (just like I’d asked). So I checked my credit card right away, and the amount for the palette still hadn’t been refunded a full 4 days after the initial phone call. On top of that, they sent me a sleeks lip gloss instead of a slim gel lipstick I’d ordered. Both had the same shade number, so someone obviously wasn’t paying attention. I wrote a stern email but ended up finding a customer service number and called it instead. This time, the woman I spoke to was very nice, apologizing a few times for the mistakes, and told me she’d work on the credit card issue and that they’d send the right lipstick out to me at no extra cost.

    So at this point it seems as though everything will be resolved, but I still haven’t gotten my refund yet. Granted, this all happened yesterday, but I’m saddened because it’s already colored my opinion of Inglot. The eyeshadows are amazing, as is everything else I ordered, but I don’t want to send money to a company I can’t trust to a) get my order right, and b) try to accommodate me if something I want to purchase isn’t available.

    • Wow, sounds like the first woman you spoke with was awful. Like I mentioned, the lady I spoke to seemed nice and helpful, and offered me choices between having the items shipped when the next shipment arrived, being refunded, or having them select similar colors. I was happy with the options. I wonder if, because they haven’t had the web store open very long, they have no set policies for how they handle product issues for customers. It seems that the first person you spoke to was a ‘bad apple’ as the second person wanted to help resolve the issue.

      I can certainly agree that it’s awful they sent you the wrong thing, and that they didn’t offer you the same choices they offered me when your items were out of stock.

  • not my colors except 36 but they seem very pigmented and of great quality – great haul and looking forward to fotds with them!

    • I placed my order on March 8. I received my order on March 17. I’m not sure when I’ll receive the 2 back-ordered items. The items were shipped via FedEx.

      • Thanks. I wanted to order, but also want to GET my order and not be moved out of my apartment when it arrives. I might put it off just because 477 was on my list too.

        Thanks for posting swatches! They all look great! 😀

        • You’re welcome! I figure the more swatches people can see, the better they can tell if they’ll like a product or not.

  • Omg, 74 looks so gorgeous! 488 is a really pretty nude-pink.

    I’ve ordered from Inglot once and the mousse foundation and cream concealer shades I chose are too dark for me. I had to give them to my mom and they fit her perfectly so she’s happy. The foundation isn’t drying at all, blends easily, and feels really light on the skin. The concealer is perfect for hiding blemishes and my purple-ish undereye area. I just wish I chose the right shades, but that’s the risk I took in buying makeup online.

    I also got their gel eyeliner and I love it. I got #75 and it makes my green eyes pop. It’s the first time I’ve tried gel eyeliner and I think it made me a convert for life.

  • I’m trying to send a comment and it’s not coming through 🙁

    Just wanted to say I think you should check out 29 which I believe is a white with pink iridescence. I swatched it some time ago so I’m not 100% sure.

    Some great pinkish shades I have are: 46 (golden white with pink iridescence), 352 (light pinkish matte), P397 (light rosy/peachy shade) and P431 (iridescent light pink but for me too pink to be used as a highlighter).

    And here’s a page with loads of Inglot swatches:

    You can find all the shades I mentioned on pics 8 and 12 but they’re all very useful.

    Can’t wait to see some Inglot looks from you, enjoy!

    • Sorry, any time there is a link I have to manually approve it, but I do check them all.

      Thanks for the link to Beauty Addict’s blog! I don’t know how I missed her swatches!

  • Inglot’s gel eyeliners are AMAZING. Great staying power, fun colors, and only about $12 for 5.5g. I have matte yellow, matte red, and a wonderful matte turquoise (a great dupe for MAC’s discontinued fluidline Blue Peep) I highly recommend them 🙂

  • Oooh! 57 is pretty! I feel like I couldn’t make up my mind with all the choices/finishes they have! I think I’ll wait til I see more swatches 😀

  • I agree, the shipping seemed high to me as well- I’m actually planning on placing an order soon, but since I have a pro card (which you can’t use on the website yet) I’ll be doing mine via email to the New Jersey store. Interestingly, I think we chose quite a few of the same shades!

    When I was calling around for info, one bright salesperson reminded me to order from the store nearest me because that would affect shipping costs- I’m curious to see if it ends up being any better.

    It would seem that the website still has sone bugs- I’ve seen a few things change over the past week as I’ve been planning my order, so hopefully they’re still working them out. I actually really hope they simplify the Freedom
    System ordering w/ a drag & drop function like MAC has, it’s so much nicer to see the shades your buying all together!

    One mention about the palette for your readers. I’m guessing you already had the one you used, and that’s why you didn’t buy one from Inglot (or maybe you don’t like Inglot’s palettes, I dunno…) but I wanted to mention that though the 10-pan palette is marked $20 on Inglot, if you purchase shadows along with it, the price goes down to $5- not bad!

    Can’t wait to see some looks w/ your new shades 🙂

    • The website must have been broken then, as the palette itself didn’t drop down in price when it was in my cart, much like the shadows never dropped to $4.50. I had to add 3 or more of 1 type of shadow to my cart to get them at $5, so I think their site is really buggy.

    • I actually sent them an email about the fact that their site didn’t total the prices properly. Hopefully I’ll hear back from them.

  • I love Inglot! I only have one palette of 5, gel liner and a nail polish from them and I have to tell myself everytime I go past the shop that I don’t need more eyeshadows now. When I think of a colour I really need/lack I will go there. Tomorrow will be a test again since I have to walk past the shop.

  • I love Inglot shadows. I bought two of the 10 shadows palettes awhile back; and I still want to go back for more! I wish we had an online store here in Australia though; since my closest Inglot store is a bit of a hike. But on the other hand I guess it stops me from spending so much hehe 🙂

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