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Handwritten Letter to MAC

I wanted to share with you my handwritten letter that I sent to MAC. I decided to pin it on Pinterest, too. If you feel like it, you could also take a picture of a letter (if you choose to write one), and pin it on Pinterest, as well.

My original post about my feelings on MAC animal testing can be found here. It also contains information on where to mail your letter if you choose to write one.

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  • Amen! Im devistated to find mac is testing on animals where its needed, it proves its all about the money.
    Though in your letter it says animal testing will be banned in the Uk in 2013, its actually been banned since about 1989 i believe, to test on animals within the UK. What isnt banned is the importation of products which have been tested on animals elsewhere ^_^
    Jane x

  • I have never purchased anything from, not because I didn’t like their lovely makeup, but it’s a bit high-end for my budget. Now I am sooo glad I didn’t (and never will!). I ‘ve gone cruelty-free about three years ago, and neither my budget nor the quality of my makeup and skincare products has suffered. In fact, the CF items are sometimes even better than those made by companies who DO test on animals. Thanks for speaking out loud about this—maybe a few more makeup companies will get the idea.

    • No problem Sophie! If there are any ‘must have’ colors from MAC that you’ve always wanted, you can try a dupe from Makeup Geek or Nyx, or one of the awesome indie companies out there 🙂

  • I wrote to Mac Customer Service through their web site to ask for confirmation/ clarification but didn’t hear anything back. I’ve been told since by a Mac employee that they are currently testing on animals where required by law (mainly China), because there is nothing they can do to get around that. I wish that some of the companies that had pledged to become cruelty free had taken that pledge seriously to the point of negotiating with the Chinese government on this matter.

    • There was plenty they could have done. They didn’t have to sell there! Don’t most people buy things online, now? And I hope that the loss of clientele in this country will hurt their wallets enough to make them regret selling their soul.You did a good thing, Phyrra, to inform the public. You have been very inspirational, without judging. We as human beings cannot control others, everyone has to make their own choices in life. But we can try to raise awareness, which is what you’ve done. Good job!!

      • Thank you Silvia. I definitely didn’t want to be judgmental. I know everyone reacts and deals with situations differently, and it’s very important for people to do what they feel is best for them in such a situation. For me, that’s not purchasing from MAC again until they’re cruelty-free again, as well as writing them a letter. Other people may feel that writing a letter is sufficient. Still others may purge their entire makeup collection of MAC.

        I’m very glad that I’ve helped to raise awareness 🙂

    • I haven’t received any responses to the emails I’ve sent. I’m not sure if I’ll get a response to the emails or the letter.

    • They were purchased by Estee Lauder in the late 90s I think?

      I personally don’t mind purchasing from a company that is cruelty-free that has a parent company that is not. I know a lot of people feel strongly about this and won’t purchase from either. One of the best examples of this I’ve seen explained by a blogger was ‘I don’t want to be held responsible for my parents’ actions, I want to be held responsible for my own actions.’

      However, I respect people who choose not to purchase from any.

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