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GlitterSniffer Review and Swatches

Edited to add: After Dominique’s experience with Glittersniffer and my experience with them and Rebecca’s experience  and the fact that Glittersniffer sells eye shadows that are not eye safe because they contain soap dyes, I suggest avoiding this company. I would not buy any product from her because I am concerned about the ingredients used.

Below is my original post:

Ok, so I did a swatch-fest the other day with some recent orders that I’d received. These are all swatched on top of Aromaleigh Light Primer. While they’re all in different lighting conditions, they’re also all indoors because the sun was down when I took these. I swatched Glitter Sniffer, Hi-Fi and TKB.

Click here for a larger version.

I swatched:
Hi-Fi Beautiful Nightmare
TKB Saggitarius
TKB Grape Pop
Glitter Sniffer Sammy Jo
Hi-Fi Live by Passion
Hi-Fi Live Large
Hi-Fi Live Large on Pixie Epoxy
Hi-Fi Aggression
Hi-Fi Distortion
Glitter Sniffer Radiation
TKB Taurus Orion
Hi-Fi Rising Tide
TKB Capricorn Sea
Glitter Sniffer Marva
Glitter Sniffer Fight Club
Glitter Sniffer Lace
Glitter Sniffer Blow
Hi-Fi Dream On
Hi-Fi Swimming Through the Ashes
Hi-Fi Front Page
Glitter Sniffer Kush
Hi-Fi Hail Caesar
Hi-Fi Raindrops on Roses
Hi-Fi Millions of Peaches
Hi-Fi Raid the King
Hi-Fi Black Magic
Hi-Fi Midnight Hour

Click here for the larger version.

Click here for the larger version.

Click here for the larger version.

I ended up very disappointed with my products that I’d purchased from Glitter Sniffer.
While I knew on the surface that the colors (Hi-Fi Distortion, Glitter Sniffer Radiation and TKB Taurus Orion, as well as Hi-Fi Rising Tide, TKB Capricorn Sea and Glitter Sniffer Marva, and then TKB Grape Pop and Glitter Sniffer Sammy Jo) would be in the same color family, I didn’t expect to find what I did when I swatched.

(Btw, that’s not a lip product, that’s a gel eyeliner)

Hi-Fi Distortion is a chartreuse shade that is pearly, with lots of extra sparkle and less intense/slightly paler when compared to TKB Taurus Orion or Glitter Sniffer Radiation. I can tell that Distortion uses Taurus Orion as its base shade, but it has a few other things mixed into it to make a finished product. However, TKB Taurus Orion and Glitter Sniffer Radiation appear to be exactly the same to my eyes when applied on top of my primer.

Hi-Fi Rising Tide is a blue-teal shade with tons of shimmer and sparkle, but again seems paler and more sparkly than TKB Capricorn Sea or Glitter Sniffer Marva. I can once again tell that Capricorn Sea was the base color used for Rising Tide, but it seems to have more in the product than just Capricorn sea. When I compare TKB Capricorn Sea to Glitter Sniffer Marva, the colors appear identical to my eyes.

When I looked TKB Grape Pop and Glitter Sniffer Sammy Jo, both colors are very pretty, and seem identical to my eyes.

Fight Club, Lace and Blow are all 3 nice colors, and Fight Club did not stain my arm from being swatched. Kush, a free sample Lela of Glitter Sniffer sent to me, is a really pretty mid-tone teal.

So I’m left feeling a bit upset. When I’d emailed Lela of Glitter Sniffer, she assured me that she doesn’t sell repackaged eye shadows. But to my eyes, I honestly feel like at least with Marva, Sammy Jo and Radiation, that they match the TKB colors that I have.

I also had emailed Veronica of Hi-Fi Cosmetics to ask her how she made Rising Tide and Distortion. Here’s what she said,
“Well, I’ll be totally honest here.  🙂  I did use Taurus Orion and Capricorn Sea for the two colors you swatched with them.  However, as you mentioned, I did add additional sparkle (because I’m a junkie…LOL) and some additives to aid with texture and adhesion.  The closeness of them really bothers me though.  I feel that maybe I should have thrown in a couple more micas or oxides for good measure…but at least they’re pretty and not *identical*.  Le sigh.”

While I’m really happy with my shadows from Hi-Fi, I’m left feeling unhappy with my shadows from Glitter Sniffer.

Here are the samples I have with the full sizes.

So overall, I’m left feeling mixed:
1. Glitter Sniffer gives good customer service, as she does promptly answer emails.
2. I’m unsure that all of their products are creative. To my eyes Sammy Jo, Radiation and Marva, while pretty, seem to match exactly to TKB shades.
3. I HATE the clamshell design for the full size products.
4. It doesn’t seem like you get a lot of product in the little clamshell. While it came fairly full, I still spilled some on accident trying to get it open. Also, I’ve seen other companies use those for samples.
5. $5 for what seems like a very small amount of product is bothersome.
6. Glitter Sniffer does seem to do buy 3 get 3 free, which isn’t a bad deal.
7. Glitter Sniffer doesn’t list ingredients list on her products. However, you can email them and she will send them to you. One thing I noticed though is that they were identical in format to those posted on the TKB site
8. I couldn’t find the weight or how much product you’re actually purchasing on the site.
9. It does seem like Lela’s working on some cool things, like her own cream eyeliner and perfumes.

Would I order from Glitter Sniffer again?
Probably not right now, mainly because I HATE that clamshell design and I’m unsure about some of the eye shadows. While some may be unique, others really look like the products I have from TKB. And while I do appreciate that Lela answers her emails and sends out ingredients, it honestly makes me nervous to not be able to see the ingredients listed on a product that I’m buying.

What do you think of Glitter Sniffer?
Have you tried their products?
Do you like that clamshell design for full size products?
What do you think of the swatches?


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  • She is bad in all meaning. i knew the would fall…I just sat and wait for this without doing anything…now I am enjoying it. She must retired for ever!!
    Fans thought bc she was doing the charity she was an angel…so glad I knew the truth!

  • Everything Scorpio has said above me is true! I was once on the fan page and have just recently left after getting sick and tired of the crap. It is one drama after another and if anybody makes a tiny complaint on the fan page (because they’ve complained and complained in private to no avail) they get ripped apart or banned. A group of girls who WERE once loyal fans, myself included, who had been there for over a year, have officially denounced their connection to GS. They have received the usually backlash. All they did was walk away, remove their connections, and explain to their friends and family on Facebook as to why they could no longer support the business, nothing rude or attacking, just straight truth. They have now been labeled whiners, haters, shit talkers, mean, liars, and the list goes on. One such girl only mentioned she was THINKING about leaving the page and it got back to the owner and the owner called the customer and left a very nasty AND threatening voicemail. After that got, she started calling multiple customers, with whom she was once close with, and began to be very nasty to them too. All because they can’t support a business who: repacks, lies about being vegan, uses low quality product that has actually caused some harm to customers, poor mixing, poor packaging, missing items, using non FDA approved additives, never sending items, ignoring emails, and the list could go on their too. And yes, she promotes she is vegan but is in fact not! She uses beeswax in her products, carmine in her reds, and is currently selling brushes marked as vegan that were once marked as badger fur. Her other brushes she is selling she has marked as “clipped pony tails” when they are re-sold from coastal scents site at $12, CS sells them for $4.99, and they are in fact sable and goat. And don’t get started on her “charities”. The charities she’s raising money for, upon ppl inquiring, had no idea she was using their name or “raising funds”. It’s all a scam in the end.

  • Glittersniffer’s pigments have issues with color consistency. You can buy the same color on 3 different occasions, swatch it and see that the color & mixture differs. The pictures on the new site show richly-pigmented colors. Once you get the jar, there is no way you can reproduce that on your own eyelid unless you use the whole pot.

    There was a VP at one point who I e-mailed about color inconsistency because I had 2 jars labeled “jabberwocky” and one was silver and one was more black..The VP blamed it on new staff. Well, the night the new GS site opens, shit goes down and the VP is fired…VP sends out an e-mail to fans who were concerned over product quality, etc…and lets fans know that recipes are eyeballed..nothing is measured..Well that makes sense.. At least I knew it wasn’t staff…it was mere laziness.

    The VP worked her ass off from Cali to set up photo shoots for the site and get the brand rolling, organize and put together memberships and has yet to be compensated and has been asking fans to help her as she has to go to court now to seek compensation.

    The customer service is another issue. I have seen changes this month only, but in the past, customers have gone weeks without an answer. The usual reply was “g-mail sucks, your e-mail must have went right to spam”. Day after day a different customer would post – How do we get in touch with Lela, what is the right e-mail address, Should I PM her, will she get mad? God forbid you upset her…You have waited a month for your order & you are scared to upset her? C’mon now.

    The VP in her good-bye e-mail let us know it wasn’t spam..It’s the owner just ignoring problems that she doesn’t want to deal with.

    Another issue.. try being a new fan on the fan page through facebook and the regulars that treat Lela as if she were Jesus himself will rip you a new ass if you ask a question that is taken in a negative light. It’s the most dramatic makeup fan page. You can ask a question about a primer, for example, and get a response…please check the discussion tab or go to the “glitterbishes forum” for answers…

    I seriously do not think she will attract new customers with her business ethics no matter how pretty her packaging is. Until the fan page is cleaned up, cosmetics improved and customers are treated better she will have to consistently rely on her “followers” to pay her bills…

    Check out “” and see what she did to a salon who was going to sell her eye primer to their clients… An eye primer that you have to wait 10 minutes to dry.. The salon complains that they can’t sell it and customer don’t like it.. and the salon gets a response that – Gs has provided instructions, there is nothing further they can do…How about take back your shitty product and refund the money?

  • I was glad to see other opinions on GS, but I wish I had done some more searching before I ordered. I have had nothing but bad experiences with them. Unshipped items that took over a month to get, then the product was not what we ordered and it was like pulling teeth to get something done about it. UGH..Never again!

  • i have tried glittersniffer and i’m sorry to say that i will not be ordering from her ever again… she took about a month to deliever my items to find out that her eyeshadows are from tkb trading and not mixed at all… and her shadows last only an hour on my lids i need something better… she will get you hooked on her items and then she will send you mirco sized items like her foiling serum or her glitter in tiny bottles… i <3 tkb!!

  • I *just* saw this review, but.. I knew it. When I got my GlitterSniffer order, I was unhappy with it after the first round of skin testing. There wasn’t a whole lot in the full size products, and the colors were different to the photographs. On top of that, I felt like the shades I got were lacking in intensity. 🙁 I’d never buy from her again.

    • Yeah the product amount was skimpy, and I just wasn’t happy with my order. After reading about how she uses non-safe dyes too, ug.

  • Hi Julia,
    You can always email Ellie can she can give you more specifics.

    Yes, a seller should always give you the ingredients because of allergy concerns. I actually am a bit paranoid about ingredients because of cancer concerns.

    And I'm always happy to help!

  • One more thing, I also dislike it when a seller doesn't tell. I've bought one from a seller (who makes her colors)a primer and i asked nicely, but she said that people have been stealing her ingredients off her site. While I do agree some people do that, (I bought it by the way) I was a little confused on why can't I know the ingredients.. well, i never bought any off her again.

    Anyway, onto Glitter sniffer, she also is being secretive with her ingredients. I bought something other than her colors, and asked for what's in them and she never told me…. Well, those sellers could conceal their secret ingredients if they want, but that kills the appetite for me to buy their stuff. I'm sniffing something suspicious so i hardly use them. Waste of money…

    Thank you for clearing that up. Well, I asked my sibling and he said they look a little different. I don't know, so I'll try again. 🙂

  • Hi Amanda,
    No problem!

    Hi Julia,
    I can assure you Tinkerbell from Dreamworld is not repackaged. It's a mix of two different micas, plus other ingredients. I promise you that. I think Ellie even made a post about it, actually. Lots of people have asked her about it, so don't worry, you're not the only one who questioned that color.

  • oh, thank god I've only ordered from them once and will never be back. (6 months ago)

    I have some doubt about their products. though one I can see could be their own unique stuff; others I'm just not sure. I swatched Glittersniffer's ZOMBIEGIRL alopnside with Dreamwolrd mineral's TINKERBELL and they look really identical, which brings me to question a bit of Dreamworld's colors…. i felt that although most of dreamworld's minerals are made by her, but I am suspicious of this particular green color. Thanks for this, Phyrra!!

  • Hi Squidmarket,
    The Meow Colors and the Morgana Mineral Colors are in the same family, i.e. cousins, not identical twins.

    Broomstick is more of a matte where as Capricorn Sea is very sparkly.

    Morgana definitely does not repackage, same with Meow 🙂

  • Taurus Orion and Capricorn Sea looked close to some meow colors released recently (I think it was from Halloween). I wanted to order those colors from Meow because I like their shadows and they look pretty, but I don't need anything similar to the TKB colors since I have huge bags of those.
    Also regarding Morgana Minerals Broomstick vs. Capricorn Sea, I swatched these and I notice quite a bit of difference in them. I have even worn them at the same time and the colors look distinct to me.

  • *cringes* She said she did in an email? Her comments on Nea's review also raised my hackles a bit.

    I cannot go through this repacking thing with yet another seller. To me, adding a texture base to the mica is still repacking – I can buy the micas and some base myself if that's all I want done. I would rather give my money to people who do more than add a base and dump it into jars.

    On a more positive note, the fact that Veronica seems to give great customer service is making me more excited to order. Not much needs to be done to Taurus Orion, it is really such a great color, but I like that she was honest about how she tweaked it and her process.

  • Hi Melissa,
    I definitely agree they're beautiful colors.

    I don't tend to swatch without primer, because I always wear primer on my eyes, so when I swatch I want to see what it will look like when used with primer.

  • I would also like to point out that these are beautiful colors, so we don't want to change them too much. Just make them better in our own way. For example, I also used Capricorn Sea, Taurus Orion and the other 2 epoxy micas(they are coated with epoxy approved for eye use-not exactly mmu). But, if you swatch Broomstick next to Capricorn or Uninvited next to Taurus, you'll see I have added much more than just a base for adhesion. Not everyone uses primer, so try swatching without as well. You'll see more of a difference in adhesion and coverage.

  • Hi Ida,
    Yeah, if you compare the amount of product from Glitter Sniffer vs. say, Fyrinnae, there's a bit more than a Fyrinnae sample, but no where near the amount of product in a full size Fyrinnae product.

    I wanted to try her solid perfume glitter, but she doesn't sell just separate perfumes, she only sells samplers.

    Hi Shattered,
    When I emailed her she told me that she did.

    I'd love to hear what you order 🙂

    Hi Nea,
    Thank you for sharing your swatches.

    Hi Kuki,
    Ack! Did you pay with PayPal? Did you email Lela?
    Honestly, her customer service seemed very nice. She
    answered a ton of emails for me quickly. I'm very sorry that you're having such troubles with Etsy 🙁

    Hi Maria,
    I'm not sure what Glitter Sniffer does, to be honest. I just know that some of my colors matched some TKB shades to my eyes.

  • I ordered a grab bag and loved the eye shadows though the samples were really tiny. Now I don't know whether to order from her again. TKB Trading's shipping to my country is quite expensive, so I'd rather order from Glittersniffer. If only she were honest about repackaging.

  • *unlurks for a second* Um, hi. 😛

    Take it as you like, but in a way, I'm glad that I'm not the only one disappointed with Glittersniffer. Personally, I've been fighting to get my order (or a refund) from her over Etsy since, um, July. No such luck so far. Totally ruined my trust in Etsy in general (since I've complained to them in September, mind you). Oh well, good thing it was only a few samples, so I'll live.

    *goes back to lurking and drooling over make up*

  • I was quite surprised when I swatched Glitterniffer (just a few colors) with TKB micas… One person asked me to do it, because she though Radiation & Taurus Orion looked very similar. Now I swatched those and I didn't see any difference in those colors. I find it very sad 🙁

    You can find my swatches from here, added those yesterday:

    I really liked Taurus Orion and I have now ordered HiFi Distortion too. I really like Veronica's honesty too!

  • The thing that strikes me about Glitter Sniffer is nowhere does she seem to say anything about making the colors or mixing them herself. The only thing that sounds close is the mention that all colors might not be in stock all the time, and to keep that in mind for rush orders.

    After all of your lovely photos yesterday, I have planned a sample order for HiFi though, and I'll be placing it later this week.

  • I don't have that many pigments and haven't tried TKB yet so I was happy enough with the pigments I got from glittersniffer. I did get Blow in full size though and was rather annoyed by the clamshell container, I always spilled it! I thought I was the only one who found the amount of product very small for $5…I transferred it into a jar and there was only a small difference between that and the Aromaleigh e/s sample I also transferred into a jar. I love her solid perfumes though, they're a must-try! 🙂

  • Hi Blix,
    I expected those Glitter Sniffer colors to be in the same color family as the TKB ones, not to look pretty much identical, which is how they look to me. However, I haven't examined them under a microscope, so I can't say for sure.

    Yes, I feel very comfortable buying from Hi-Fi because of how her shadows look and feel, etc, plus the way she has answered questions, being very honest. I really appreciate it.

    Honestly, I give makeup to a LOT of my friends. If there's stuff I know I'll never use after I've swatched it once, I let people have what they want.

  • That stinks. I noticed the colours looked VERY similar in your haul posts since I have those TKB colours you listed. With me and my paranoid self, I feel like I think everything is repackaged, when not everything is. But still, it's disappointing to find out that something is repackaged, when you were told it is not. I really believe not all of the sellers that repackage are even doing this on purpose…maybe they just don't understand what it's like for buyers that go through this. We waste a lot of money on the same items over and over again because sellers maybe don't know that it should be labeled as repacked, or they are doing it on purpose. I would hope that sellers would be honest if you ask tho. And it's been shown time and again that not everyone is. So sad.

    I have not tried GlitterSniffer. I have only looked at the etsy store a couple of times and was never impressed by anything I saw. So I never purchased anything. However, I did purchase some samples from Hi-Fi this morning and look forward to trying them. While some of her colours look similar, they don't look like exact repackaging at all. So I feel, as you said, "comfortable" with buying from her. 😀

    So what do you do with the colours that are the same as what you already have? Luckily I have a sister who is interested in makeup, so much of it turns into random gifts for her. And she soooo loves me for it! I'm just glad it doesn't go to waste.

  • Hi Rock that Look,
    I agree, Raid the King looks awesome 🙂
    Glad you like the review!

    Hi Lisa Kate,
    What shades did you order?

    I'm just very unhappy that at least 3 of my colors I cannot tell apart from TKB 🙁

    Hi Catherine,
    I totally agree with you Taurus Orion is a GORGEOUS color. I can understand why it and Capricorn Sea are used for color bases.

    Yes, I prefer honesty too.
    I buy from companies that say that they sell repackaged and custom mixed shades, like Glamour Doll Eyes or Stardust Cosmetics.

    As long as you're being honest and it's clearly marked, it doesn't bother me.

  • Taurus Orion is my favourite of my TKB collection, and is the most obvious to spot repackaged IMO. It has this trademark behaviour of kind of "separating" in the little baggie, with the finer matte green pigment sticking to the plastic.

    It bothers me how so many MMU companies blatantly deny repackaging. I was in the Etsy chat rooms last week and asked a MMU company whether they blend their own colors. Their response "i make them all myself, can't get them anywhere else ;)" This put me off well and truly as i could clearly identify their products as the POP collection, and they also sold repackaged Edda's and Ria's sets. le sigh… just bugs me, i prefer honesty.

  • I was pretty unhappy with my Glittersniffer shadows, enough that I won't even bother wasting my time to review. Funds are tight and I'm pissed that I spent money on pigs I already have. She was incredibly defensive on Nea's blog regarding someone accusing her of repackaging. I don't think her idea of repackaging matches with ours…Using a colored mica and only adding adhesive ingredients still makes it repackaged to me.

    I love Hi Fi though and Veronica is so sweet and honest!

  • Hi Axs,
    When I emailed Lela, she told me that she did not repackage, but when I swatched the colors, they really do look identical to me. When I looked at the ingredients, they were identical to what was on TKB's site with the exception that non-vegan ingredients were removed. Don't get me wrong, they're gorgeous colors, but I'm really left feeling uncomfortable about them, whereas with Hi-Fi, I feel very comfortable (keep watching for a review on them.)

  • On the Eyeconic blog, she never did get a response from Glitter Sniffer if they were repackaged or not.
    That Taurus Orion is such a pretty green. I still need to make a TKB order. I'm really missing out!

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