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GlitterSniffer Review and Swatches

Edited to add: After Dominique’s experience with Glittersniffer and my experience with them and Rebecca’s experience  and the fact that Glittersniffer sells eye shadows that are not eye safe because they contain soap dyes, I suggest avoiding this company. I would not buy any product from her because I am concerned about the ingredients used.

Below is my original post:

Ok, so I did a swatch-fest the other day with some recent orders that I’d received. These are all swatched on top of Aromaleigh Light Primer. While they’re all in different lighting conditions, they’re also all indoors because the sun was down when I took these. I swatched Glitter Sniffer, Hi-Fi and TKB.

Click here for a larger version.

I swatched:
Hi-Fi Beautiful Nightmare
TKB Saggitarius
TKB Grape Pop
Glitter Sniffer Sammy Jo
Hi-Fi Live by Passion
Hi-Fi Live Large
Hi-Fi Live Large on Pixie Epoxy
Hi-Fi Aggression
Hi-Fi Distortion
Glitter Sniffer Radiation
TKB Taurus Orion
Hi-Fi Rising Tide
TKB Capricorn Sea
Glitter Sniffer Marva
Glitter Sniffer Fight Club
Glitter Sniffer Lace
Glitter Sniffer Blow
Hi-Fi Dream On
Hi-Fi Swimming Through the Ashes
Hi-Fi Front Page
Glitter Sniffer Kush
Hi-Fi Hail Caesar
Hi-Fi Raindrops on Roses
Hi-Fi Millions of Peaches
Hi-Fi Raid the King
Hi-Fi Black Magic
Hi-Fi Midnight Hour

Click here for the larger version.

Click here for the larger version.

Click here for the larger version.

I ended up very disappointed with my products that I’d purchased from Glitter Sniffer.
While I knew on the surface that the colors (Hi-Fi Distortion, Glitter Sniffer Radiation and TKB Taurus Orion, as well as Hi-Fi Rising Tide, TKB Capricorn Sea and Glitter Sniffer Marva, and then TKB Grape Pop and Glitter Sniffer Sammy Jo) would be in the same color family, I didn’t expect to find what I did when I swatched.

(Btw, that’s not a lip product, that’s a gel eyeliner)

Hi-Fi Distortion is a chartreuse shade that is pearly, with lots of extra sparkle and less intense/slightly paler when compared to TKB Taurus Orion or Glitter Sniffer Radiation. I can tell that Distortion uses Taurus Orion as its base shade, but it has a few other things mixed into it to make a finished product. However, TKB Taurus Orion and Glitter Sniffer Radiation appear to be exactly the same to my eyes when applied on top of my primer.

Hi-Fi Rising Tide is a blue-teal shade with tons of shimmer and sparkle, but again seems paler and more sparkly than TKB Capricorn Sea or Glitter Sniffer Marva. I can once again tell that Capricorn Sea was the base color used for Rising Tide, but it seems to have more in the product than just Capricorn sea. When I compare TKB Capricorn Sea to Glitter Sniffer Marva, the colors appear identical to my eyes.

When I looked TKB Grape Pop and Glitter Sniffer Sammy Jo, both colors are very pretty, and seem identical to my eyes.

Fight Club, Lace and Blow are all 3 nice colors, and Fight Club did not stain my arm from being swatched. Kush, a free sample Lela of Glitter Sniffer sent to me, is a really pretty mid-tone teal.

So I’m left feeling a bit upset. When I’d emailed Lela of Glitter Sniffer, she assured me that she doesn’t sell repackaged eye shadows. But to my eyes, I honestly feel like at least with Marva, Sammy Jo and Radiation, that they match the TKB colors that I have.

I also had emailed Veronica of Hi-Fi Cosmetics to ask her how she made Rising Tide and Distortion. Here’s what she said,
“Well, I’ll be totally honest here.  🙂  I did use Taurus Orion and Capricorn Sea for the two colors you swatched with them.  However, as you mentioned, I did add additional sparkle (because I’m a junkie…LOL) and some additives to aid with texture and adhesion.  The closeness of them really bothers me though.  I feel that maybe I should have thrown in a couple more micas or oxides for good measure…but at least they’re pretty and not *identical*.  Le sigh.”

While I’m really happy with my shadows from Hi-Fi, I’m left feeling unhappy with my shadows from Glitter Sniffer.

Here are the samples I have with the full sizes.

So overall, I’m left feeling mixed:
1. Glitter Sniffer gives good customer service, as she does promptly answer emails.
2. I’m unsure that all of their products are creative. To my eyes Sammy Jo, Radiation and Marva, while pretty, seem to match exactly to TKB shades.
3. I HATE the clamshell design for the full size products.
4. It doesn’t seem like you get a lot of product in the little clamshell. While it came fairly full, I still spilled some on accident trying to get it open. Also, I’ve seen other companies use those for samples.
5. $5 for what seems like a very small amount of product is bothersome.
6. Glitter Sniffer does seem to do buy 3 get 3 free, which isn’t a bad deal.
7. Glitter Sniffer doesn’t list ingredients list on her products. However, you can email them and she will send them to you. One thing I noticed though is that they were identical in format to those posted on the TKB site
8. I couldn’t find the weight or how much product you’re actually purchasing on the site.
9. It does seem like Lela’s working on some cool things, like her own cream eyeliner and perfumes.

Would I order from Glitter Sniffer again?
Probably not right now, mainly because I HATE that clamshell design and I’m unsure about some of the eye shadows. While some may be unique, others really look like the products I have from TKB. And while I do appreciate that Lela answers her emails and sends out ingredients, it honestly makes me nervous to not be able to see the ingredients listed on a product that I’m buying.

What do you think of Glitter Sniffer?
Have you tried their products?
Do you like that clamshell design for full size products?
What do you think of the swatches?

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