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Glamour Doll Eyes Halloween 2013

Glamour Doll Eyes Halloween 2013 Review

I’ve got swatches today of colors from Glamour Doll Eyes Halloween 2013 collection, as well as a few other colors I picked up. I also nabbed Pipsqueeak (from the LE Instagram Collection, since I adore her), Super Shadows (super hero inspired), Halo, and the Circus Collection. I purchased the Halloween set (Bella Donna, Hearse Ride, Funeral Parlor and Arsenic) as a collection, but it doesn’t appear to be available any longer from the website. Typically you get 2 free eyeshadows with your order, though I seem to have missed that with my Halloween order.

Glamour Doll Eyes is cruelty free.

You can purchase Glamour Doll Eyes at their website.

Glamour Doll Eyes eyeshadows, swatches, review

L to R – belladonna – hearse ride – funeral parlor – arsenic – flawless
L to R – cotton candy – fiji mermaid – pipsqueeak – feline fatale

Glamour Doll Eyes Bella Donna, Hearse Ride, Funeral Parlor, Arsenic, Swatches, Review

Bella Donna (Halloween)
turquoise with subtle purple undertones
light turquoise

Hearse Ride (Halloween)
greyish black with orange sheen and golden sparkle.
charcoal grey with copper iridescence and gold sparkles

Funeral Parlor (Halloween)
purple with red iridescence

Arsenic (Halloween)
vibrant orange with a golden green sparkle.
pumpkin orange. This made me think of the old movie, Arsenic and Old Lace

Glamour Doll Eyes, Cotton Candy, Fiji Mermaid, Pipsqueeak, Feline Fatale, swatches, review

Cotton Candy (Circus)
light to medium blue with pink shimmers brings forth the playfulness of the spun sugar treat.
pretty sky blue with pink shimmer

Fiji Mermaid (Circus)
this greenish blue tells the story of a commonly used sideshow act. The Fiji Mermaid is alive and real with with green shimmer undertones, reminiscent of scales.
deep teal blue with green iridescence and shimmer

Pipsqueeak (LE Instagram)
matte magenta pink with purple undertones and violet pink sparkles

Feline Fatale (Super Hero Inspired)
bright purple with subtle black undertones
bright purple with blue shimmer

Glamour Doll Eyes Flawless, Swatches, Review

Flawless (Halo inspired)
Light beige/pink with subtle turquoise and gold shimmers.
light beige with pink tones and subtle blue sparkles

My Favorites
Hearse Ride is a gorgeous grey and the shimmer in it makes it awesome. Funeral Parlor is a complex purple. Cotton Candy and Pipsqueeak are super happy colors. Love them! Feline Fatale is a great purple. I like.

What do you think of the Glamour Doll Eyes Halloween Collection? See any colors you like?

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