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Fyrinnae Eyeshadow Swatches – Mostly Pinks

I decided to swatch all of my Fyrinnae eye shadows for you today. The third set is mostly Pinks.

Row 1 Sugar Skulls, Chaotic Evil, Party Crasher, The Fancy Lad, Love Potion
Row 2 Still Breathing, Sennyo, Dark Magik, Darling Misfit, Kitten in Heels
Row 3 Titania, Happy Fun Pink, Meerkat, Princess of Darkness, Tapir
Row 4 Healer’s Touch, twinkle twinkle little bat, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Tasmanian Devil, Daemon’s Tail
Row 5 Illicit Passion, Predatory, Cheeky, Lights of Stockholm, Ancient Mirage



My Favorites:
Sugar Skulls, Chaotic Evil, Love Potion, Party Crasher, Princess of Darkness, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat, Titania

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  • Ah, this one makes me depressed. You’ve got my favorite discontinued highlight, Ancient Mirage. I emailed the guys about it, and whomever answered said that he’d be happy to throw in a sample of it into my next order, since at the time they still had it in the workshop. But, as sweet as that was, it was awhile ago, and I’ve been on a makeup no-buy. So, by the time I go off it, they’ll have probably gotten rid of their extra stock.

  • Ooh these are pretty! I swear, reading your blog is going to take a toll on my spending money, because you swatch things so well it makes me want to buy them all! I’m not sure if it’s just these pictures, but Meerkat and Rapunzel Had Extensions look like they’d wear very well together.

    • I bet they’d look fabulous together, actually. Rapunzel had Extensions is a golden-pink-peach. Meerkat is a pink with gold shimmer. And Fyrinnae is incredibly reasonable for pricing.

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