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Fyrinnae Eyeshadow Swatches – Mostly Greens, Golds & Yellows

I decided to swatch all of my Fyrinnae eye shadows for you today. The fourth set is mostly Greens, Golds & Yellows.

Row 1 Switch, Nevermore!, We’re All Mad Here, OMGWTF, Leopard Print Galaxy
Row 2 Dragon’s Wing, Dragonskin, Dressed to Kill, The Randy Ferret, Njordr
Row 3 Lucky Charmed, Griffonrider, Half-elf Hottie, Sidhe, tyr
Row 4 Banana mochi, bifrost, gilded wings, elemental fire, cheetah

My Favorites:
Switch, We’re All Mad Here, OMGWTF, Leopard Print Galaxy, Dragon’s Wing, Dragonskin, Gilded Wings, Cheetah, Dressed to Kill
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  • Dragonskin looks like it could be my HG of greens – I’ve been on the hunt for a darkened, warmish green, something not too warm nor too dark. But alas alack, I of course fall in love with the D/Cd shade…Le sigh.

    Any chance you could recommend a similar color (Fyrinnae or otherwise)?

      • Yeah, Dressed to Kill seems to look like the best bet here, so I’ll keep it in mind~

        I didn’t realize you COULD ask if there was some of X or Y color left!
        I’ll try asking them, then, and keep my fingers crossed in the meantime 🙂

    • Hah! Well, I’ve had mine for a long time. Sometimes there is slight variation in colors, so that could account for it.

  • It’s really sad that I’m going through all your swatches, and I can recognize which ones are either discontinued or renamed. I know their inventory a little too well, I think.

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