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EcoTools 6 Piece Essential Eye Brush Set Review

ecotools 6 piece essentials brush set review

Quite a while back I purchased the ecoTools 6 Piece Essential Eye Brush Set and fell in love. I’ve gifted this set twice so far. I decided that meant it was time to review it! You know if it’s good enough to gift, it’s good enough to write about 🙂

$7.99 but price varies and sometimes you can find these BOGO at Ulta, Walgreens, and other online retailers.

The Website Says
EcoTools cosmetic brushes are what started it all! The iconic look of the sleek bamboo, gorgeous recycled aluminum and incredibly soft bristles are only part of what makes EcoTools, EcoTools. Our cosmetic brushes are beautiful and show respect for the earth. They are 100% cruelty-free, have incredibly soft bristles made of synthetic materials and have handles made of bamboo and recycled aluminum ferrules. Look flawless in any situation! Portable and practical, this set is a must-have for achieving any fashion your night requires.

  • * Recycled aluminum ferrules
  • * Bamboo handles (renewable resource)
  • * Cruelty-free taklon bristles
  • * 1% of sales donated to environmental organizations

ecotools eyeshadow brush reviewFrom left to right – Smudge, Petite Eye Shader, Highlighter, Angled Crease, Large Eye

Smudge Brush
I like to use this brush to apply shadow to my lower lid or inner corner, or for detailed work in the crease.

Petite Eye Shader Brush
I use this size brush to apply shadow to my lid, especially if I’m doing 2 or 3 shades on the lid. It’s perfect for that.

Highlighter Brush
This is my all time favorite highlighter brush style! I’ve got a ton of these. I use these to highlight at the inner corner of the eyes and under the brows. This is my PERFECT highlighter brush and a must have in my opinion.

Angled Crease Brush
I use this to apply color to the outer v, outer lid, or outer crease. It’s too big to do the entire crease. This is my least favorite brush in the set, but I can still find a use for it.

Large Eye Brush
This is perfect for applying my base color to my browbone and crease. Since I have hooded eyes, I typically apply my base color just to my browbone and crease, and this brush is perfect for that.

Now, I really don’t like the case that comes with this brush. I’d rather it include a slightly larger lid brush, as opposed to the case, but I can see that some people might like the case. I just prefer to use my brush roll.

I highly recommend this brush set, and most ecoTools brush sets in general. I really love their brushes. They’re cruelty-free, they hold up well after lots of use, they’re easy to care for and they’re inexpensive. While some people don’t like the shorter handles, that doesn’t bother me because I have smaller hands. However, if you have larger hands, I would recommend checking these brushes out in person to see if it would be an issue for you.

What do you think of the ecoTools 6 piece essential eye brush set? Do you own it?

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  • This is my first EcoTools brush set, I got this same set last month when they were on sale at a local store. I like the brushes and I looove the short handles; I prefer short-handled tools because I’m nearsighted and have to use a small mirror to apply makeup. I have been using these brushes quite a bit, but for some reason I feel like they don’t seem to pick up loose shadows as well as natural bristles, the powder just sort of flies everywhere when I try to get it on the brush. For that reason I mainly use them for blending the shadows once they’re already applied. I did recommend the set to both my sisters since it’s a nice starter set with a brush for each basic function. I will be buying more EcoTools; I’d like to try a face brush next, maybe a kabuki or blush brush. 🙂

  • Phyrra, I bought this when Ulta finally opened up in our town! I thought the brushes looked so fluffy and perfect–ha! I go to this set more often than my more expensive Mary Kay brush set. My MK brushes work beautifully for precise application, but I find the EcoTools set is great whenever I want more coverage quickly (especially at 6:00 AM while I am getting ready for work).

  • I use the angled crease brush to apply powdered highlighters to my cheeks. lol I don’t like it for much more than that. The least used brush from this set, for me, is the massive large brush. I think I’ve used it twice.

  • I bought this ages ago when I didn’t own any eye brushes, but, um, I’ve since misplaced it 🙁 I’ve also bought other eye brushes (some MAC and Sonia Kashuk, one Hourglass) that I like, so looking for it dropped down on my priority list. Now I think I need to find it again.

  • I have to say that some of my most favourite brushes are my ecotools (I bought my first ever as a result of a past review of yours!) – the synthetic bristles are so good. I bought the 5-piece face set and have been wondering about the eye set so thank you for reviewing this. I’m going to have to buy this tomorrow! Excellent review and I, too, prefer shorter handles – I wish brush companies could give the choice for short or long handles. Thanks again Phyrra!

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