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June 2017 Beauty Favorites

Beauty Favorites June 2017

Beauty Favorites June 2017 Today I’m sharing my Beauty Favorites June 2017 video with you. It’s a mix of old and new products. I’ve got drugstore,…

Wearing Urban Decay After Dark Lipstick

Deck of Scarlet Mauve Tutorial

Deck of Scarlet 02 Babsbeauty Palette Today I’m sharing a Deck of Scarlet Mauve Tutorial with you. Deck of Scarlet recently sent me their 02 Babsbeauty palette….

Saucebox Mermaid Life Palette and Urban Decay Tenant Palette

Pravana Blue Hair

Pravana Blue Hair I’m late to post about my Pravana blue hair, but I wanted to share it with you. I wanted a change…

Kat Von D Zero Lipstick on Pale Skin

Living Dead Girl Lipsticks

Living Dead Girl Lipsticks Today I’m bringing you my Living Dead Girl Lipsticks video. These are lipsticks for the strange and unusual. Living Dead Girl…