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Meow Cosmetics Asylum Review and Swatches

Today I’ve got Meow Cosmetics Asylum Review and Swatches for you! Meow describes it as an extremely reflective color palette without it being sparkly. It has a luminous metallic glow. I really feel like the colors are all gleaming.

Meow Asylum Collection

All colors are swatched on bare skin with no primer.

I should mention that this collection makes me think of Emilie Autumn, the Victorian hysteria (probably because I recently saw the movie Hysteria), and Sucker Punch. For the record, I did not like the movie Sucker Punch, but I did like the music.
Meow Asylum Straight Jacket, Sedative, Bats in the Belfry

Straight Jacket
cool metallic platinum
Meow Straight Jacket Swatch
My Take
Beautiful, shimmering snowy platinum.

warm metallic silver
Meow Sedative Swatch
My Take
Warm midtone shimmery silver.

Bats in the Belfry
gunmetal with silver metallic finish
Meow Bats in the Belfry Swatch
My Take
Cool teal-toned gunmetal with silver shimmer

Padded Cell
luminous iridescent lilac
Meow Padded Cell Swatch
My Take
Ultra pale lilac with cornflower blue shimmer

Basket Case
gleaming metallic grape
Meow Basket Case Swatch
My Take
Blue-based grape purple

Wack Shack
duochrome blue grape hyacinth
Meow Wack Shack Swatch
My Take
Blue on a grape base, filled with shimmer

Meow Asylum Padded Cell, Wack Shack, Basket Case

Meow Cosmetics Asylum Halloween 2012 B2

Electric Shock
gleaming acid yellow/green
Meow Electric Shock Swatch
My Take
Shrek yellow-green.

Out to Lunch
silver metallic teal
Meow Out to Lunch Swatch
My Take
Grass green with soft blue sheen

metallic turquoise
Meow Lunatic Swatch
My Take
Green-toned turquoise

brilliant flaming strawberry
Meow Lobotomy Swatch
My Take
Slightly pink-toned warm red

Night Terrors
glowing magenta
Meow Night Terrors Swatch
My Take
Violet-toned magenta

Rubber Room
metallic denim blue with green duochrome
Meow Rubber Room Swatch
My Take
Blue with green iridescence

Some additional images.

Meow Asylum Halloween 2012 Collection 1

Meow Asylum Halloween 2012 Collection 1 b

Meow Cosmetics Asylum Halloween 2012 B

I made a video of the eyeshadows and I’ll have it up for you soon.

My favorites from this collection are:
Out to Lunch, Wack Shack, Sedative, Padded Cell and Basket Case

All the shades are really pretty and I can’t wait to try some with Pixie Epoxy to really bring them to life.

Which ones are your favorites?

Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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