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A Night with Beautisol

Phyrra, Self Tanning Queen, Beauty Junkies Unite, Ms Judixio

Wednesday night, after my wonderful and relaxing Spa Day at Cameo, Ray and Dave and I went to meet up with Sinead, Chris, Amber and Judi in Clearwater. Typically this was a Wednesday that I would be at Mellow Mushroom, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet Amber and hang out with Sinead and Chris. It was also my last opportunity to spend time with Ray and Dave before I left to go to Indiana.

Sinead is the co-founder of iFabbo and founder of Beautisol. Chris is her talented husband. Amber is the beauty behind Beauty Junkies Unite. Judi is my awesome fellow Central Florida Beauty Blogger friend from Judi XO. You may remember me reviewing Beautisol Need I Glow More and Summer Glow self-tanner recently. Beautisol’s products are vegan and cruelty-free.

 Phyrra, Self Tanning Queen, Beauty Junkies Unite, Ms Judixio

Amber and Sinead were together on HSN for Beautisol on the air. They had some amazing shows together! So anyway, after a day of shows, we all met up to hang out and have drinks and talk. I had a fabulous icewine martini, which is made with vodka and ice wine, no vermouth or gin involved.

I wanted to be wearing Summer Glow and Need I Glow More when I next met up with Sinead, but because I’m currently doing the PCA Skin Sensi Peel Facials to improve my skin texture, it’s not advisable to use self-tanning products. The peels are supposed to make your skin peel for up to 5 days after the facial, and mine peeled for the full 5 days last time, so tanning that same night of was out of the question.

Phyrra, Self Tanning Queen, Beauty Junkies Unite, Ms Judixio

Seriously, it was super fun 🙂 I didn’t want to leave. Since Ray had to get up at 5am, we eventually had to leave. I should have been smart and asked him to take the next day off so as not to leave him sleep deprived.

2 hours is never enough time when you’re having fun!

What did you do with your Wednesday night?

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  • What a fun evening! You gals all look gorgeous! Love Sinead’s face in the last pic, it’s hilarious!!

  • Now that looks like a party!  I love Amber!  Thought she did so well on HSN!  I would’ve been seriously pooping my trousers if I had to appear on live TV! Glad you had a fun Wednesday night! 🙂

  • Hi there. That must have been so fun. I really like Sinead! She has always been so kind and I love reviewing her products. I still have some left and will be doing it again this year. I am keeping on keeping on even though my channel was hacked and all 250 plus videos were stolen. It was crazy. I contacted YT for days with the forms and the forums then I was told that if they knew within a week they could have restored them. Ugh. I wish they had customer service at least when something serious like that happens. Everything I had was taken over, but I am not about to let them get me down. The videos I did were already viewed and I started again. I love your looks and just wanted to say how much fun it looks like you guys have. I am getting ready to break out the Beautisol! Take care! Jennifer

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