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NARS Nail Polish Reformulation

I’m excited to share with you the news that NARS Nail Polish has undergone a reformulation. NARS says that the new formula has been designed to improve wear, strengthen nails, and provide a high gloss finish.

The collection is made up to 43 shades – 24 fan favorites and 19 new shades. Of course, there’s also the base and top coat too.

The luxurious new polish formula will be available July 15, 2014 at NARS boutiques and
You can expect to see the new formula at Sephora on August 1, 2014.

$20 each

First up, the new shades!

NARS Amarapura, Pastorale, Milos

Amarapura, Pastorale, Milos

Amarapura – Silver chrome
Pastorale – Rose gold
Milos – Rich gold

NARS Most Bleus - Night Out - La Notte - Ikiru

Most Bleus, Night Out, La Notte, Ikiru

Most Bleus – Storm blue
Night Out – Bright true blue
La Notte – Navy
Ikiru – Light blue

NARS Ithaque - Fearless - Elbrus

Ithaque, Fearless, Elbrus

Ithaque – Light pink
Fearless – Bright pink violet
Elbrus – Plum

NARS Kalymnos - Thasos - Zakynthos - Obscura

Kalymnos, Thasos, Zakynthos, Obscura

Kalymnos – Lilac
Thasos – Mint green
Zakynthos – Beige
Obscura – Lavender charcoal

NARS Delos, Paradiso, Torre Del Oro, Paros, Blow Up

Delos, Paradiso, Torre del Oro, Paros, Blow Up

Delos – Copper brown infused with gold
Paradiso – Strawberry pink
Torre Del Oro – Cherry red
Paros – Red brown
Blow Up – Mandarin orange

NARS Nail Polish Reformulation

Classic Shades Include
413 Bleeker – Navy Blue
Arabesque – A sheer pink with pink glitter
Back Room – Black
Bad Influence – Smoky taupe
Chinatown – Blood red
Dovima -Tomato red
Ecume – White
Endless Night – Black grape
Hunger – Mandarin red
Jungle Red – Bright red
L’Avventure – Lilac
Manosque – Deep smoky lavender
Mash – Army green infused with gold
Night Breed – Black with silver glitter
Night Flight – Black with cobalt blue pearls
Night Porter – Black with green pearls
Orgasm – Peachy pink with shimmer
Purple Rain – Gothic purple
Schiap – Shocking pink
Shameless – Pink Flamingo
Soup Can – Bright red
Trouville – Seashell pink

I’m happy to see NARS add a rose gold to their lineup. And I’m always glad to see another gold polish.

I think Ithaque, Fearless and Elbrus would make a great color gradient mani.

What do you think about NARS reformulating their Nail Polish? They just reformulated their glosses too! They’re on a roll!