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Last weekend I went to see Maleficent in 3D. I absolutely loved the movie. Yesterday my new Maleficent by Funko Pop vinyl doll arrived. So I snapped some photos of her outside in the waterfall of my pool. Warning! Movie Spoilers / recap at the bottom of this post.


At the top of the waterfall.


With my original Maleficent doll.


I really loved this reimagining of Maleficent, more than I loved the original Sleeping Beauty. It was really cool to see how they changed and updated the story.

Maleficent is the most powerful of the faeries, whose only weakness is iron. Her parents were tragically killed in a war between the humans and faeries, but that doesn’t deter her from becoming friends with a human named Stefan. When they were younger they seemed to be in love with each other, but as they grew older they drifted apart. Stefan becomes obsessed with power. Stefan says that he gives Maleficent True Love’s Kiss, but really he just used her.

The old king tries to attack the faerie lands but Maleficent easily defeats him. The old king says he’ll reward anyone who can bring him Maleficent dead, so Stefan decides to betray his friend and cuts off her wings. For Maleficent, who flew more than she walked, this betrayal hurt her deeply. She lost two limbs at once, had issues walking, and was heartbroken.

While she was still hurting, she saved a raven named Diaval, who becomes her companion and confidant. He spies on the humans for her. When he lets her  know that Stefan had a baby and that there’s to be a celebration, she decides to crash the party. 3 of the pixies are there. Knotgrass bestows the gift of beauty and Flittle bestows the gift of happiness on Aurora. Thistlewit is interrupted from bestowing a gift by Maleficent.

Maleficent places the classic curse that before sundown on the baby’s 16th birthday she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and fall into eternal sleep. This curse can only be broken by True Love’s Kiss. That is Maleficent’s jab at Stefan for lying to her, using her, stealing her wings and leaving her.

The 3 pixies take the baby Aurora to raise her and keep her safe from Malifecent but they’re terrible guardians. Maleficent ends up taking care of Aurora, to keep her safe.

Maleficent and Diaval end up loving Aurora. When Aurora is 15, she and Maleficent meet face to face. Maleficent lets Aurora spend time in the Faerie lands and her love for Aurora grows. Maleficent tries to break the curse she put on Aurora but can’t, and she’s upset over it.

Aurora runs into a prince in the woods, Phillip, and she gives him directions to the human castle. After meeting him, Aurora decides she needs to get on with her life and leave the woods. The pixies tell Aurora that Maleficent is the faerie who cursed her, and she runs to the human castle.

She meets her father Stefan, who says Aurora looks like her mother and then he locks her up. She ends up pricking her finger and passing out.

Maleficent runs into Prince Phillip in the wood, so she puts him to sleep and takes him with her and Diaval to go reawaken Aurora. Maleficent is very upset when Phillip kisses Aurora and she doesn’t awaken. She silently cries, and then gives Aurora a kiss.

And what happens next is why I love this movie so much.

Aurora awakens from True Love’s Kiss from Maleficent.

Prince Phillip is sort of an afterthought.

I love that Maleficent, who has cared for and loved Aurora for many years, is the one with the power to break her own spell. It was a perfect twist on the classic tale. I also love the message that it teaches – that there are many kinds of love and all of them are powerful.

Funko Pop Vinyl Dolls

Have you seen Maleficent? Do you love it as much as I do?