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I’ve worn glasses nearly my entire life. I started wearing them when I was 8 years old. Over the years I’ve worn everything from super dorky big prescription glasses with a unicorn etched in them to sleek black frames.

Sleek Frames

Watching the commercial Eleanor was like watching a vignette of my childhood – wearing frames too big for my face to make up for the fact that I lost peripheral vision, constantly cleaning my prescription glasses so that I could see the world more clearly, and remembering to hold onto them tight when trying new things. I never let my glasses keep me from experiencing the world. My parents bought me a swimming mask with prescription lenses so that I could dive to the bottom of the pool. I had tinted prescription lenses so I could go horseback riding out in the sun without squinting. I always kept a cleaning cloth handy to polish my lenses, too. When I would go from being indoors in the air conditioning to outdoors in the muggy Indiana summer, my glasses would immediately steam up and it would drive me crazy!

It’s taken me a long time to find the right pair of glasses. Because I’m -9 in each eye, I have to be careful with how I pick my frames. I can’t have too tall of a frame, or the lens will distort funny on the sides. I have to get my lenses crafted as lightweight and thin as possible, since I have to get such a high prescription or they’re unbearably heavy. I also shell out for the anti-glare and scratch resistant coating, since I spend hours staring at computer screens or my kindle fire. I have spent hours searching for the right frames so that I can be happy with my glasses. Once I find that pair, I wear them for years because I’ve had such a hard time finding frames I can love.

Cat Eye and Petite Frames from has great selection of frames to suit my taste. I fell in love with their cat eye and petite selection. After my yearly eye exam, I will be looking at to find a new set of frames. I especially like the Jill Stuart and Kate Spade pairs shown above.

Wearing My Glasses

I wear my glasses every day. They’re the first thing I put on in the morning when I wake up and I wear them at night after I take out my contacts and I’m reading a book on my kindle fire. I love my glasses and they help me to see beauty in the world around me – from my poodle Phaedra to my colorful hair.

Do you wear glasses? What’s your favorite type of frame? Let me know in the comments below!