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Paint Swatches

My MIL and I went to Lowe’s today and looked at lots of paint swatches. We picked up several little sample jars of paint so that we could test out the colors on the wall and see how they look during different times of day.

Valspar Rushing Stream

My living room has 2 walls painted a light blue and 2 walls painted a white with blue undertones (pictured above is the light blue). I’m looking at changing the color to either Valspar Rushing Stream or Valspar’s Pantone Universe Peacock Blue. I’m 99% sure for the living room I want Rushing Stream. Rushing Stream is the top swatch, Peacock Blue is the bottom.

Valspar Pantone Universe Peacock Blue

The master bathroom is currently an ugly yellow-brown shade. I put Rushing Stream up top and Peacock Blue on the bottom. I think I prefer the Peacock Blue in this room.

Valspar Pantone Universe Dewberry and Olympic Magic Magenta

My master bedroom is currently a white with blue undertone. I want it to be either Valspar Pantone Universe Dewberry (blue based purple) or Olympic Magic Magenta (red- based purple). I could do 1/2 of the room in Magic Magenta (like where my vanity, the sofa and bookshelves are, and the bed and dressers in Dewberry. I have the feeling that I will end up doing the entire room in Dewberry and probably paint my office Magic Magenta.

I’ve still got 2 colors left to swatch on the walls – Valspar Blanket (palest icy mint) and Valspar Woodlawn Dewkist (a white with slight green undertones). I have to have a ‘white’ shade for some of the walls to balance them out. I’m actually not sold on either of these shades so I will have to keep searching. I want a white with iridescent teal blue undertones 😛

The concrete floors in my home are grey, with turquoise, aged gold and sort of a jade green in places. Greys, blues, turquoise and teals all work nicely in here. I’ve wanted to paint for several years but never had the time to do it. I’m going to make time to do it now.

What colors are in your home?