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Silk Naturals Happy Hour Spring 2014

Silk Naturals Happy Hour Spring 2014 collection is here! I’ll be reviewing it soon but I wanted to tell you about the collection asap.

Silk Naturals Happy Hour Spring 2014

a bright fuschia shimmer with blue highlights.  It looks great with Sidecar, and Breathe. Compare Stinger to MAC’s Stars and Rockets and Urban Decay’s Fishnets.  It’s every bit as gorgeous but with more pigment, no talc, bismuth oxychloride or preservatives.

a light purple shimmer with a few gold highlights that looks great as a lid color.  It’s fantastic with Breathe, or Stinger.

a fun light green shimmer that looks great with Sprite and Grassroots Green.

a warm peachy tan color that looks great with Cloudberry.  It’s completely matte with no shimmer at all so it’s a great crease color.

Silk Naturals Happy Hour Spring 2014

a sheer creamy medium purple Slick Stick.  It gives a great, casual wash of color

a sheer warm red that explodes with red, and purple glitter.  It’s super sparkly and tons of fun.  Firecracker uses a very chunky glitter, and is just slightly gritty, but it’s totally worth it!

a sheer bright pink with tons of purple glitter.  It’s cute, fun, and the perfect weekend lippie.  It goes wonderfully with Shaker Cream Blush.

Mai Tai
a light creamy nude with just a hint of pink in it.

Sea Breeze
a refreshing bright happy berry coral with a creamy finish.

a bright, sunny, happy coral cream lipstick with medium pigmentation, and no shimmer.  It’s a little bit on the sheer side for a lipstick because of the pigments we used to make it so happy (all SN lipsticks have the exact same amount of pigment in them…some just have more coverage than others).

a medium cool berry shade with just the slightest hint of shimmer.  It’s super pigmented, and creamy.  Cosmopolitan goes fantastically with Shaker cream blush.

Silk Naturals Happy Hour Spring 2014

a light lemony gold highlighter with teeny tiny bits of turquoise, and purple.  It gives it a wonderful dimension, and makes it incredibly flattering for a lot of skin tones.

a very light pink “brightening” blush.  It has a little bit of coverage to give you a youthful healthy burst of color.

Top Shelf
a “brightening” blush- it’s not quite as sheer as the others, and gives a great burst of healthy color.  It’s definitely warmer toned, and it looks great with Sea Breeze as a lippie.

Silk Naturals HD Creme Foundation

The Silk Naturals HD Creme foundation line has expanded into offering cool shades. I love this foundation. Check out my review here. You can see my Peach HD Creme Concealer review here.

Silk Naturlas HD Creme Concealers

HD Cream Concealer
HD Concealer is designed to be an all purpose hides whatever you’d like it to hide concealer.  It’s slightly yellow tinted to help cancel out any redness, or dark marks.    We’ve combined an all-natural vegan base with tons of pigment for great coverage, and state-of-the-art ceramic microspheres for line blurring.  The texture is firm- not tuggy, or hard to blend, but firm enough to prevent most creasing.
Silk Naturals Happy Hour Spring 2014

Take It Off Makeup Remover
Take It Off is a quick, and easy rinseless makeup remover.  It removes pretty much everything we make, and leaves your skin dewy, and hydrated.  It’s also wonderful for quick little touchups if you “oops” when you’re applying your makeup. It doesn’t work wonderfully on waterproof makeup- mascara, eyeliners and things like that.  For those products we recommend the Apricot Cleansing Oil.

Ingredients:  Distilled Water, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Propanediol (natural non-GMO corn based hydration ingredient), PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate.

VitaBoost- Anti-Oxidant Booster for Finishing Powders
VitaBoost is a small pre-measured packet of vitamin C ester, and 99.5% pure trans-resveratrol.  To use it just add it to a 30-gram jar of foundation, or finishing powder, and you’ll get a product that’s packed with anti-oxidants. It’s designed to be a compliment to a great skin care routine. It’s not a substitute for a serum, but it’s wonderful to use in conjunction with one. Vitamin C Ester (L-Ascorbyl Palmitate) helps improve elasticity. Trans-resveratrol is an incredibly powerful anti-oxidant with an ORAC value of 1,850,000.  It’s an anti-inflammatory, and can help lighten hyperpigmentation.  Do not add this to a liquid product.  It doesn’t dissolve all that well, and there is a chance it could shorten the shelf life.

Ingredients:  L-Ascorbyl Palmitate, Trans-Resveratrol

I’m really excited about the eyeshadows, especially Stinger and Brandy. Firecracker, Gumdrop and Mai Tai look like they’ll be great lipsticks. i also can’t wait to try the blushes and highlighter!

What products are you interested in from the Silk Naturals Happy Hour Spring 2014 collection? Let me know below!