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Glitter Removal

How do you remove glitter nail polish? Last night I took off my glitter nail polish and rather than use my nail polish remover jar with teeth inside it, I used the foil method. For this method I recommend using Zoya Remove, cotton ovals and aluminum foil. I cut the cotton ovals into 4 pieces, then soak them with Zoya Remove. I place each oval piece on a nail and then wrap it in foil. I leave these on for 5 minutes, then I remove the foil. Press and swipe down on the cotton oval and it will remove the glitter nail polish easily. You’ll only have a little bit of glitter left to clean up after that.

The other method that I have used in the past is to soak my fingers in a jar that had little plastic brushes inside to scrape off the glitter. That always left my cuticles sad, but it’s effective.

The foil method is much easier. I love Zoya Remove, too. It’s more gentle on my nails than pure acetone. Plus, Zoya is cruelty free.

How do you remove glitter nail polish? Have you tried any of the peel off bases?