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Phyrra Says Vol. 4

It’s time for another Phyrra Says Vol. 4 This is a rambly non-beauty video and post where I tell you about the past week in my life. Please feel free to skip if this doesn’t interest you. I talk about my great experiences with Amazon and Nyx, and my ok experience with I share what it’s like to walk my three dogs and my adventures in getting fit.

Last Thursday I lifted weights for the first time, focusing on my arms. After the workout session my arms were like jelly. I could barely hold the phone to text Jen (My Beauty Bunny).  However, the next day (Friday), my arms were sooo sore! They were sore all weekend. That didn’t stop me from taking walks with the puppies. Sunday I did interval training on the Arc machine. I’m really grateful that Ray is going to the gym with me and doing these things with me because I feel so awkward at the gym. We’re also taking walks together.

Tonight we’re going for another session with the personal trainer and I’m not sure if we’re focusing on arms or legs with the weights, but I’m looking forward to it.

I had fun hanging out with friends this weekend. The guys played Elder Scrolls beta, though I skipped gaming this weekend and instead spent time reading. I finished Kim Harrison’s The Undead Pool, which I thought was fabulous. I’ve currently got Half Off Ragnarok by Seanan McGuire and Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop up next.

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What are you reading lately? How was your weekend?