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Alternative Fashion Spring 2014
High-Voltage Clutch is a Press Sample.

Today I’ve got some Alternative Fashion for Spring 2014 picks to share with you. You could blend in and go with the usual trendy fashion or you could spice things and show off your unique personality with alternative fashion.

The majority of what you see here is from UNIF Clothing. UNIF Clothing is well known for their punk inspired designs. However, their spring 2014 line blends so many styles together that everyone should be able to find something that’s perfect to create their own individual look. To get an idea, imagine what would happen if you paired a cheerleader with a raver. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This alternative fashion line mixes flower child, goth, raver and punk into one magnificent experiment that truly unites a range of unique styles. The only real limit to this trend is your imagination and willingness to mix and match.

Percy Dress (black neoprene cutout)
Nightmare Swirl (cotton modal tye dye)
Metal Mesh Dress (black poly dress)
Farce Sweater (slightly cropped fit black sweater)

Alternative Spring 2014 Shoes


Love The Platform

Platforms are a must, no matter what the outfit. From clunky boots to sky high sneakers, you’ve got to have platforms. They scream “look at me” while putting you high above those who simply want to blend in with the usual trendy crowd. I love anything holographic, but I can most easily see myself wearing the Daria Boot.

Daria Boot (black)
Mary Jane Shoes (holographic)
Nobody Platform (rainbow)

Alternative Fashion Spring 2014 Crop Tops

Crops and Cut-Offs

Show a little skin this spring. UNIF Clothing’s 2014 line is all about crop tops and cut-off t-shirts and shorts. From hot neons to expressive denim, get ready to show off your midriff and legs.

Stash Crop (neon splashed)
X Crop (black and white)
Neogram Sweatshirt (cropped neoprene hologram sweatshirt)

Alternative Fashion 2014 Chokers

All Choked Up

Nothing completes a funky, expressive look quite like a choker. Of course, UNIF goes the extra mile with their eyeball choker that’s an instant attention getter. Why go dainty, when you can have an all-seeing choker? I’ve also included the Bunny Paige Volcano Spiked Heart. I’m in serious lust after this spiked heart. It’s gorgeous. The NecroLeather Heart Padlocked PVC collar is a nice choice, too.

Eyeball Choker (blue eyes)
Bunny Paige Volcano Spiked Heart (spiked heart with red to purple shift)
Heart Padlocked Black PVC Collar (black on black heart padlock collar)

Alternative Fashion Spring 2014 Holographic Handbags

Holographic Handbags

You’ve still got things to carry, so you’ll need an amazing clutch to go with your outfit. Forget the standard purse, try United Couture’s Ouija Hologram Clutch. A silver holographic background is perfectly paired with the ouija board you probably played with as a child. It’s sparkly and fun and a must have for any alternative fashionista. My High-Voltage Clutch from Her Fashion Box is great fit, too.

Ouija Hologram Clutch (love this design!)
CoSmile Holographic Clutch (big jagged mirror design)
High-Voltage Clutch (see through and holographic)

Anyone can be a slave to fashion, but alternative fashion gives you a chance to be truly expressive. Nothing screams confidence like someone who isn’t afraid to simply be yourself. Experiment with one or two of these pieces with your own style and you’ll see just how much fun being a little fashion courageous can really be.