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Phaedra and Maximus

Good morning! I’ve got the weekly roundup for you. How was your weekend? Mine was exciting. I finally made time to go see Thor: Dark World. I felt like the writing was really good, definitely better than the last one, and I really enjoyed the last one, too! I stayed through ALL of the credits to see the extras. I saw Thor Saturday  but by the time I got home from the theatre I was sick and had a fever, so I slept most of Saturday. When I was awake Saturday, I played Pokemon X on my Nintendo 3DS. It was glorious! Sunday I felt a bit better, so Ray and Dave and I tackled some much needed yard work.

We also had some crazy on Sunday. The dogs were in the lanai and all of a sudden we heard Phaedra barking like there was an intruder in our yard or a snake, just a really serious ‘You need to get out here human’ type bark. Ray looked out and saw that Maximus had fallen in the pool, so he ran out to fish Max out. Maximus was fine, but wet. Super scary! Dave and I have given both Phaedra and Maximus swimming lessons in the pool in case they ever fell in and it looks like it paid off, because Maximus was able to tread water until Ray grabbed him. If you know much about pugs, you’d know that they aren’t very buoyant. Needless to say, that was super scary! It’s the first time since we’ve had pets that anything like that has ever happened. It makes me soo glad that I was paranoid about giving them swimming lessons instead of relying on dogs knowing instinctively how to doggie paddle.

Sunday night Phaedra decided that she deserved a reward in addition to the dog treat that she’d already received; she went for one of my pumpkin cupcakes on the kitchen counter! I caught her in the act of grabbing at the cupcake wrapper, but she didn’t succeed. She looked REALLY guilty over it. Silly poodle.

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