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I love giving gifts to my loved ones. It’s much more personable than giving gift cards (though I never mind receiving gift cards myself!). However, I often feel like I have to ask if what I’m getting is what they want, because I don’t want to give a dreaded bad gift and it stresses me out. I agonize if I’m giving a gift to someone and they don’t have a wish list. Sometimes, I’ve even purchased something for them that someone else purchased, and then I feel bad, because they didn’t need two of them. Epic fail on my part!

Pick Ur Gift Review
Enter Pick UR Gift.

Pick UR Gift takes the stress out of gift giving. The holidays are crazy enough and if you didn’t do your Christmas Shopping in July (nope, not me!), you’re quite possibly scrambling around trying to figure out what to get people, possibly waiting for Black Friday sales, and trying to determine what you should get people.

This site is a reverse wishlist site. So basically here’s how it works. You create a wish list for your loved one that you fill with potential gift ideas. Once it’s complete, you send it to your loved one. They can then look at the list, mark off which ones they like, and then send it back to you. Now you’ve got a bunch of approved gifts to choose from! This makes Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping even easier!

It’s very easy to use the Pick UR Gift Cite. It’s a snap to create an account. Then you just drag and drop the ‘UR’ button to your bookmark bar and you can go shopping anywhere you want on the web, including my favorite sites like,,, etc.

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The interface makes it very easy to select who you’re shopping for in your contacts list and which list you want to add the gift to for them.

So in addition to making wish lists for loved ones, you can, of course, make one (or several different types) for yourself too.

How Pick UR Gift Works

To put it simply, Pick UR Gift makes it easy to shop for anyone, anywhere. You won’t have to stress and worry about giving a lame gift ever again. It also makes it easier if you’re trying to plan on shopping on Black Friday / Cyber Monday, so that you can plan what you’re buying for everyone in one fell swoop!

So what are you waiting for? Give a try!