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I Have Nothing to Disclose
Eye Exam

This past Saturday Ray and I went to get our eyes examined. I get mine done yearly because I wear contacts and glasses.

I was a little down about the experience because, while my contact prescription stayed the same, -9 in each eye, my slight astigmatism is back in my right eye. It comes and goes. The eye doctor says I’m spending too much time in front of a computer and I need to spend more time not focusing on one. My glasses got a slight tweak to accommodate the astigmatism, but it’s not severe enough that they want to put me into a different sort of lens. I really wish I could get lasik!

Anyway, I’m now waiting for my new glasses to come in. Since I have such a high prescription, it seems to take them longer to create my lenses. I ended up using one of my favorite frames instead of getting new frames, since I couldn’t find new frames that I liked.

Ray went in for a checkup as well. In 1997 he had lasik surgery done, and he’s had perfect vision ever since. Well, it’s now been 16 years, and his vision was changing a bit. He now needs glasses for when he’s at work, as he’s a software developer. He doesn’t need them to drive or for anything else. So he’s getting a pair of glasses too.

In addition to getting fitted for new contacts and glasses, the other reason that an eye exam is so important is that the doctor checks out the health of your eye to make sure you don’t have any number of health issues or problems. An eye doctor might find things like Graves Disease.

October 10th is World Sight Day. If you haven’t yet scheduled an eye exam this year, please consider it for your health.