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Silk Naturals Fall 2013 Vegan Cruelty Free Makeup Collection

Hi there! I’m happy to show you the new Silk Naturals Fall 2013 collection. I’ll have swatches and a review up as soon as I receive the collection, but I wanted to share it with you as soon as I saw it available online.

About the Collection
The Keep It Simple Sweetheart collection is a range of neutrals that you can wear as a simple one-color wash everyday.  We’ve done all the work for you.  These are handcrafted complex colors that are interesting enough to wear all by themselves.  These colors are refined enough for the office, yet complex enough for a night on the town.

Silk Naturals Fall 2013 Collection


a light tan shimmer with optical smoothers to make you look younger.

a light creamy taupe with golden highlights.

a barely there light shimmery pink with a little bit of green interference.

a very light copper.  It’s a mostly matte with an overlay of copper shimmer.  (eyelight)

the classic Marilyn Monroe lid shade.  It’s light with a hint of warm grey, a little touch of feminine pink pearl, and gold.  It’s complex, and lovely enough for a great one-color wash.

Silk Naturals Fall 2013 Collection 2

Silk Naturals Fall 2013
Happy Hour
a light sheer shimmery gold toned down with just a little grey.  It’s a festive yet sophisticated wash- all it needs is a little black liner.

Date Night
a deep bronzed taupe with just a hint of green.  It’s inspired by an old distressed picture frame- worn, with a bit of soft gleam, and deeper green veins. It’s designed to be a smokey one color wash- just wear this all over your lid, line the bottom with the same color (or black) and you’re good to go.  Date Night is also fantastic as a crease color paired with something lighter like Friday.

Scene Steealer
a deep burnished copper tone.  It’s stunning with Thursday.

Siobhan (labeled Phyrra in the swatch photo)
a reddish deep plum shimmer shade.

Silk Naturals Fall 2013 Lipsticks

is dark, rich creamy black with no shimmer

a sheer dark plum with a little bit of shimmer.

a deep burgundy with a hint of purple.  It’s cozy, sophisticated, and seductive.  Bravado is in the same color family as Raindrops on Roses, Hi-jinks, Bitten and Berry Nice.  It goes wonderfully with Gemini or Desert Plum blush.

a deep, bold fuchsia with just a little bit of shimmer.  It does stain your lips after it’s been on a while- so the color really lasts.  It goes well with Tart, Babydoll, Cherry Bomb, and Maybe Baby blushes.  The sheer gloss version is Shock.

a bold coral creme (no shimmer).  It’s warm, but not too warm, and a little bit lighter than the average red. Luscious works well with Wish You Were Here, Forbidden, and Poppy blushes.  The sheer gloss version is Zinnia.

a bright cool toned rosey pink.  It’s a cream formula with no shimmer, and just a smidge on the sheer side because of it’s light color.  It goes well with the bright pink blushes- Babydoll, Tart, and Cherry Bomb.

a nude with just a little hint of purple.  It’s great with Maybe Baby, and Carnal blushes.

a sheer bold, shimmery coral color with a bit of gold.  It’s super pretty on warmer skin tones, and a great compliment to Wish You Were Here blush.

a deeper red with plum tones, and a hint of bronze.  Tease is immensely flattering for all of those pale girls with yellow undertones- Irish, Scottish, Scandinavian, Eastern European- this one’s for you!

a sheer, warm nude, cream Slick Stick.  It’s warm with just a hint of red.  It goes well with Cider, and Maybe Baby.

a bright pink sheer with just the a little bit of shimmer if you’re really looking close.  It’s the jelly version of Pow.

a sheer version of Zap- bright orange, completely transparent with no shimmer.  It’s super fun.

a sheer, shimmery pinky peach with just a little bit of purple, and golden highlights.

a a sheer milky cool toned (almost purple) pink with golden highlights.  It’s a fantastic color for blonds, and pale girls.   Coquette is coy- she doesn’t reveal her true charms until she meets your lips.  It’s a lot lighter when applied than it appears in swatches.

 Silk Naturals Fall 2013 Lip Products

 Silk Naturals Fall 2013 Lip Products

 Silk Naturals Fall 2013 Lip Products

Silk Naturals Potion Perfume

Potion is a sweet tart combination of black currant and pomegranate with backed up with a high-end almost floral citrus bouquet.  It’s juicy, sexy, and romantic.

Silk Naturals Hair Elixir

Hair Elixir is a takeoff on our Eyelash Serum.  It has lots of wonderful ingredients that are great for your hair.  It should give you better shine, a little bit of volume.  There’s MSM and Caffeine to help prevent shedding, and promote hair growth, and a bit of silk protein to help keep your cuticle sealed.

I’ll be swatching and reviewing this collection for you soon.

The Eyeshadows that I’m most excited about:
Siobhan, Scene Stealer, Friday, Thursday

The Lip products that I’m most excited about:
Bam, Bravado, Pulse, Pow, and Tease