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Dreamworld Hermetica Promotional Kits


Press Sample

Dreamworld Hermetica has great promotional kits available right now to introduce you to the brand. Dreamworld Hermetica is an indie mineral makeup company that’s been around since I started blogging, but they closed down for a while so that the owner could become an esthetician and she has only recently reopened. These promotional kits are on sale until 9/27 for $5.

Animal Testing Policy
Cruelty free. Some products are vegan.

Promotional Kits Pricing

Promotional Kits Contain
1 Full Size Lip Wand
2 Mini Jars of Shadows
1 Mini Jar of Cheek Color
2 Shadow Shamples
1 Cheek or Bronzer sample
1 Glo Worm Sample
1 Illuminating Powder Sample
1 Illuminating Glo Sample
1 Creme sample
2 Foundation samples

The foundation line has over 170 colors available – on all ends of the color spectrum. There are 3 formulas available, including titanium free and mica free. Colors are broken into the following families – Neutral, Olive, Peach, Pink, and Yellow.

Luna Formula
This is the original formula and the heaviest coverage. Non-cakey and layerable. Perfect for any skin type. Full coverage.
Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxde, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides

Vapor Formula
This is the titanium free formula. Non-cakey and layerable, yet light and airy. Perfect for any skin type. Full coverage.
Ingredients: Mica, Zinc Oxide, Kaolin clay, Iron Oxides (titanium free)

Cloud Formula
This is perfect for ladies who have oily skin and want a foundation that will help soak up the oils yet maintain all day. It’s mica free. Full Coverage. Non-cakey and layerable.
Ingredients: Rice Powder, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Kaolin clay, Iron Oxides

I received Foundation samples of:
Arianrhod 1V (Vapor) – True neutral / equal mix of undertones
Arianrhod 1C (Cloud)
Hecate 1L (Luna) – Neutral with warm / yellow undertones
Astrild 1L (Luna) – Neutral with peach and pinky undertones

Lip gloss
Lynkin’s Lair – Medium brown with shimmers throughout

Midnight Rising- sheer neutral with sparkling peach undertones

Mystical Sunset- Deep lavender with satiny finish, slight shimmer
Vampire Heart – Deep purple color with irridescent pink undertones
Vampire Lust – black, gold undertones, white and gold glitters

Illuminating Glow Powder (Finishing Powder)
Finishing powder that uses silica, but with half the amount then the illuminating powders
Destiny – pale beige iridescence

Glo Worm Powder (Finishing Powder)
Gives soft, healthy,happy glow. All sheer.
Ghostly Glo – neutral with a hint of pinky red

Creme Finishing Powder
Creamy powder that can be used as a finishing powder or a primer or both!
Cafe au Lait – light suntan shade

Illuminating Powder
Made from silica and mica, reflect light to give an airbrushed look.
Peanut Butter – neutral with warm undertones

Tikal – deep bronze with tiny golden red flecks

I’ve always been crazy over Dreamworld’s finishing powders.  I absolutely love the Illuminating Glow Powders because they feel so good!

While I haven’t yet had a chance to play with my samples, I wanted to tell you about this kit as soon as possible in case you wanted one for yourself. I can’t wait to use Peanut Butter!

Have you tried Dreamworld Hermetica before? Do you like the idea of Promotional Kits to introduce you to a brand?