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Halloween Blunders

Brought to you by Catherine Lavinia

They have access to the best designers, bling and make-up artists around, so it’s not surprising that celebrities are leading the way with fabulously over-the-top Halloween fancy dress. From the terrific to the terrifying and all the way to the downright terrible, here’s a list of the best and worst celebrity Halloween costumes.

Costume Couture

Supermodel Heidi Klum is the reigning Queen of Halloween. She’s notorious for her extravagant and frightening Halloween looks, which include a crystal-covered Cleopatra, a Planet of the Apes homage and Betty Boop. It’s hard to choose a favourite, but Heidi’s personal pick was her 2011 ‘Visible Woman’, a skin-tight bodysuit painted with muscles and tendons that definitely put the gore into gorgeous.

Scary Snow White

Face Off

Holly Willoughby underwent a terrifying makeover for Jonathan Ross’s Halloween bash last year. The usually stunning This Morning presenter employed some clever paintwork to make it look as though her face been unzipped to reveal the bloody tissue beneath.

French Fancy

It girl Alexa Chung went all-out for Halloween in 2008, channelling French queen Marie Antoinette in full period dress. She also donned white face paint, a grey hairdo and a bloody neck to make the look sufficiently scary.

Gaga Faux Pas

Everyone went loopy for Lady Gaga in 2009, with legions of look-alikes strutting their stuff on Halloween. No-one looked worse than gossip blogger and Gaga’s former friend Perez Hilton, who wore a blonde wig, typical Gaga ensemble and fishnet stockings. Epic fail, Perez!

Clowning Around

She’s known for her flamboyant fashion, but in 2008 singer Pink broke all the rules when she used Halloween as an excuse to shamelessly promote her album Funhouse. Dressed as a creepy clown with frizzy orange hair and polka-dot dress, it was more embarrassing than scary.

Cruella DeVille

Dora Disaster

We’re used to seeing Jessica Alba’s name on best-dressed lists, but her 2009 Halloween costume was more childish than chic. She donned a bad wig, plain pink t-shirt and orange shorts to dress as Dora the Explorer, while husband Cash was sidekick Diego. We applaud the fun theme, but the lack of effort let down our favourite fashionista.