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Fyrinnae Pride 2013 Collection

I Have Nothing to Disclose

Fyrinnae Pride 2013 Collection is live! Fyrinnae says, “Until 1967, a large portion of the USA still forbade interracial marriage. In 2008, we elected a president born in a mixed race marriage. In 2003, same-gender marriage was made legal in Massachusetts. As of May 2013, it’s up to twelve states and Washigton DC. Progress happens, sometimes amazingly fast. PRIDE 2013.”

Pressed Eyeshadows
Hitched –  Bright, metallic satiny warm red. No sparkle, just a softly gleaming finish.
Unicorn – Not white or cream, but iridescent transparent lavender (similar to Sakura) filled with multi-color sparkle. It looks much better on skin than in the pan! Swatches refuse to do justice to this shade, and it looks bright off-white in the pan. Photo on the left shows Unicorn in lower light. Swatch taken under daylight bulb.

Loose Eyeshadows
Wizards’ Wedding Cake – Bold icy blue shimmer, which changes to pink closer to light or at an angle, is set on a deep brown base. Much more striking in person.
Agenda – Multi-faceted neutral deep gray with a fine highlight of coppery pink throughout. Not quite taupe (far more gray than it looks here), and low enough shimmer that it verges on a satin finish. Try this if you like Serendipity, Atomic Afterglow, or Feisty Fennec Fox.

Lip Lustres
Queer Theory – Very bright warm pink without shimmer. On vibrancy the level of our Visual Kei, but leaning more toward red. May stain temporarily.
Fashion Disaster – Bright cool pink, leaning toward “Azalea Pink”, with a touch more purple. Similar in hue to our old Shangri-La, but more bold and without shimmer. This shade may stain temporarily. This shade will not look “good” on many people. It will look fun and maybe be seen from across the street, but chances are, it will look obnoxious and clash with half your wardrobe. Perfect! (so say the people who also offer green and blue lipcolours)

I’m super excited to see Fashion Disaster, Agenda, and Unicorn. I love the names, I love the collection theme, and I’m excited it’s finally available.

Are you going to try any colors from the Fyrinnae Pride 2013 Collection? What are your must-have shades?