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Swimsuits 1

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If you live in Florida (like I do), it’s swimsuit season all year round. However, for the rest of the USA, Swimsuit Season is almost here, so it’s time to start thinking about what to wear to the pool! Ultimate Outlet is a great place to start looking for this Summer essential.  Right now, they’ve got a 50% off Sale going on site wide.

While I’m not a fan of the one piece swimsuit, I know many of you are. This Botanical-print one-piece halter suit is pretty cute. It makes me think of fruity, tropical drinks on the beach.

I personally love tankinis and you know I’m a fan of bright orange, so I really like this halter tankini.  Tankinis usually provide me with the best bust support. As a DD, I really need it!

Blue Swimsuit

Do you like the swimsuit skirts or dresses? I’m not crazy about most of them but I love the colors of this blue skirted bikini suit.


Swimsuit 3

I really love this snow leopard print suit. I typically need more support for my top half, though. Tiny strings usually don’t cut it for me, but they look cute on other people!

Black and Hot Pink Swimsuits

I really adore this hot pink and black colorblock tank-style top and bikini bottom with the side ring detail. This is a suit that I would wear myself. I actually used to have a cobalt blue bikini bottom with tankini  top set with ring detailing that was very similar to this one.

Swimsuit Cover Up

One thing I do like to have to go with my swimsuit is some sort of cover up shirt or skirt, especially if I’m going to be swimming at the beach instead of in my pool. I just feel more comfortable with one.


What’s your favorite type of swimsuit to wear? Have you picked up a new suit for Summer?