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Nothing to Disclose Post

I was never a big fan of Google Reader for blogs. Once my blog reading list got so long that just going to bookmarks felt too time consuming, I started researching ways to follow blogs and decided to use BlogLovin’. In short, I love it. I’ve been using BlogLovin’ for years. So if you’re in the market for a new way to read blogs, check it out! I even use it on my Samsung Galaxy Note II, as they have an android app.

So if you’re losing Google Reader, here are some other ways to follow me:


Feedburner Email (which I think will be going away) – This sends out an email once a day.

Jetpack email Jetpack Email (this is in the right sidebar of my blog) – This sends out an individual email every time I post.

Google Plus – I do post all of my posts over on Google Plus. What I love about Google Plus is that you can make a ‘circle’ for beauty blogs and then stick all of your blogs there.

Facebook – Not my favorite social media platform, but a lot of people love it.

Twitter – My favorite social media platform!

Pinterest – My second favorite social media platform. This is the one that I hear the most people tell me they love.

Instagram – This used to be available only on the iphone, but is now available on android, too.

Beautysets – I love this!

YouTube – Videos, videos, videos. There are some great people on youtube :)


Hello Cotton – Not my favorite reader but a lot of people like it.

What’s your favorite way to read blogs? Please share in the comments below!