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This is a post by my friend Aranza. You can find her at A Touch of Glamour blog.

Hi there! I’ve got a Year of the Water Snake Makeup Tutorial for you.

Step 1 - Prime Your Eyelids

Step 1 – Prime Your Eyelids using Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

2.Apply a dark green base using your finger or synthetic brush.

Step 2 – Apply a dark green base using your finger or synthetic brush.

Phyrra suggests: Addiction NV Trendy gel eyeliner or Milani Shadow Eyez in Safari Green.

Step 3 Apply a dark green shadow

Step 3 – Apply a Dark Green Shadow. I used MAC Humid.

Phyrra suggests: Urban Decay Mildew or BFTE Secret Garden.

Blend it out

Step 4 – Blend it all out with a fluffy brush.

Step 5 Apply Black Shadow

Step 5 – Apply a matte black shadow, such as Mac Carbon on the outer and feather it lightly onto the crease. Keep blending/adding more until you’re happy with the result.

Phyrra suggests: Sugarpill Bulletproof or Milani Pitch Black

Step 6 Use Lumi

Step 6 – Take a shimmery white shadow that reflects blue, and pat it on the center of your lid using a damp brush, making sure it stays right on the center. Here I used Sugarpill Lumi

Step 7 Liner

Step 7 – Line your upper lash line using black liner, and the waterline using a green pencil. Add Humid to the lower lash line in layers to ‘smoke’ it out. Apply mascara. To upper and lower lashes.

Step 8 Add highlight

Step 8 – Apply false lashes, and add Lumi to the tear duct to highlight.

Year of the Water Snake Tutorial

Thanks for the tutorial, Aranza! I love this sultry green look!