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I have two relatively new passions, encouraged by very bad influences and both sure to be terrible for my wallet: holographic nail polish, and prop replicas.

I love a whole lot of fandoms. Despite my username, Star Wars is actually quite far down my list of favourite Star____s, my favourite being Stargate (SG1 and Atlantis – shh, SGU doesn’t exist) but it’s hard to beat a lightsaber for style. I’ve always loved the idea of showcase-able merchandise being more than just t-shirts or keychains. A lot of people have fantasy sword collections, but for a while now I’ve been saving and building toward starting a sci/fantasy weapons collection – prop replicas of weapons and gadgets from my favourite TV shows, movies, books, comics and video-games. I’m not at all crafty but will also be clumsily attempting to recreate some small things on my own.

Last year I got it into my head I wanted to recreate the necklace Princess Garnet wears in Final Fantasy IX. I got so far as tracking down a metal crown piece I could modify (not wanting to use polymer clay), sourcing the closest crystal, and then stopped, intimidated by lack of technical skill, knowledge and tools. Then, for my birthday last year, my sister surprised me with the most awesome gift I could have imagined, one of the limited NECA licensed Valve 1:1 scale Portal Gun replicas.

Portal3 Here it is, sitting where my turret can see it.

I had long wanted a Force FX Lightsaber but always delayed because of the price tag (infuriatingly I once missed an opportunity to grab Yoda’s for only £30), but the Portal gun really kicked off this idea of collecting replicas to represent the many things I love and building an awesome display.
Yesterday, my very first prop replica purchase arrived (Happy Valentine’s Day, me!) and now I’m hooked.

DSC_0856 DSC_0858

It is a replica of the 10th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver used in seasons 3-5, the ‘Ultimate Edition’ made by Celestial Toystore and it is absolutely magnificent. It’s as close to externally screen-accurate as is physically possible (the crackle-effect paint crackles and weathers differently each time), a good solid weight, perfectly machined and assembled, completely strippable, and incredibly awesome. It lights up, of course, the slider action is really smooth and it has an awesome Doppler effect where the volume increases when you extend the emitter. I don’t want to admit how much it was, but it was definitely the most expensive luxury purchase I’ve ever made, and this limited model sold out 2 days after I bought it. No regrets!

DSC_0862 DSC_0864

I frakkin’ love it. If you have no idea what it is, it’s uh, a Doctor Who thing.

My next addition to the budding prop replica collection was to be a Magneto helmet, but that purchase fell through, so will hopefully be an all-metal solid replica of the angel/archangel blade used in the TV show Supernatural. Supernatural isn’t one of my most obsessive fandoms but I absolutely love the design of the blade, and who doesn’t love Castiel? I’m also working on something small from the show myself but it’s a recent spoiler so I won’t mention it.

When I posted these pictures yesterday excitedly on my Facebook page, most of the comments were about my nails, so on that note:


It’s 2 coats of Barry M Navy 292 nail paint (solid metallic blue) topped with 2 coats of Nyx Dreamy Glitter polish. The Nyx polish is absolutely fantastic, really versatile, and I’ll do a little review of it and take some pictures of it over various coloured polishes. I’m particularly excited to see it over metallic duochromes and black holo polishes. It’s an almost-clear top coat with star-shaped glitter (which are the pinkish shade visible) and holographic octagonal and smaller square and circular glitter pieces. It really transforms over different base coats and I really like it. I got my bottle for £2.50 with free delivery here in the UK, it’s probably reasonably easy to find stateside.

One of the aforementioned bad influences linked me to Layla holographic nailpolishes here in the UK, so I’m also going to have to budget to try those out – especially with the Nyx topcoat.

Are you into prop replicas? Is this something you’d be happy to hear more about in the future?
What would be your dream prop to own – either original or replica – from something you love? I think mine would be a fullsize TARDIS (with Ten), Serenity (with crew), or a goa’uld mothership complete with pyramid.
What are your favourite holographic polishes/holo glitter topcoats?
I’d love metallic duochrome recommendations, too! I pounced on the recent Rimmel Metal Rush polishes which I’m excited to see paired with my Nyx glitter.

Disclaimer-y Stuff:
This incredibly awesome sonic screwdriver was purchased (unfortunately for my bank balance) by me, the Portal gun by my extremely awesome sister. Not only do I not get anything if you buy one, but you can’t, ’cause they’re sold out, so nyer. Nail polish also purchased by me, and all companies/merchants mentioned are unaware of this post at time of posting. All views, opinions and puns expressed herein are the sole product of yours truly, Jedi Ana/Anastasia, and do not represent the opinion of Phyrra or, because her screwdriver isn’t even slightly sonic.
If you get the reference in the post title you win a prize*.


*not really.